An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal on his comment on “Make In India”

On 27th of September when Prime Minister Modi is meeting the Giants of the US corporate world from Car manufacturers like “Tesla” to Search Engine giants like “Google” for the growth of “Make in India” project, a heart breaking statement came from the chief minister of Delhi.

He said “There is no need of Make in India program. Make in India will happen itself if we Make India. There is no use begging in front of other countries” and criticized the whole project.


Mr. Kejriwal, I agree that people are the biggest asset of any country as you said. Thanks for enlightening us, as we never knew it. But let me tell you that India is a landmass where 1.25 billion people live. When the world is planning for the future of 21st century, Millions in India are living under extreme poverty.

One of the major reasons for this is that the distribution of the available resources is not proper and the only thing which can stop this corruption is the use of technology.
Once technology reaches in the hands of people, it can become their biggest asset in no time. For example:

  1. 125 billion People itself is a humongous number  and we can’t use our age old “Clerk working culture” to fulfil their needs. Technology only can help.
  2. If somehow we make it possible to access broadband internet in the remotest village of the country, we can teach children there through Video Conferencing via the best teachers present anywhere in India.
  3. The internet transactions and mobile banking are future. If the technology reaches the poor, their life can also become hassle free like privileged people (Like you).
  4. Knowledge will beat sword and atom bomb in this 21st century. Internet has made it possible today that we can access and learn almost everything on it. Google is a university, in itself, inside a phone. Just imagine, once this weapon reaches to 1.25 billion people, what can be achieved? The greatest school we should invest upon is ‘Technology’
  5. Corruption is the foremost reason of wrong resource distribution. The use of technology is the only check on corruption. Regressive and outdated laws like ‘Lokpal’ can only slow down the process. By the way, we still are waiting for the ‘Jan Lokpal’ that you promised.
  6. India needs millions of jobs for its youth and which can only be achieved by manufacturing/technology and by opening more and more business. Do you think you can generate jobs by ‘Make India’? According to you, we should first work towards communal harmony and then start giving them job, rite? Sir, the analogy is, if someone has a decent education, has decent job, and leading a decent life is more likely to work towards communal harmony. Isn’t it sir? So, in other words, Make in India is the first step towards ‘Make India’

We can achieve all this by making programs like “Make in India” and “Digital India” a success. PM Modi is meeting with the biggest names in the corporate business directly, which is unprecedented. On this, if a chief minister of a state of the republic of India makes a remark like this, it certainly gives a wrong message.

Mr. Kejriwal, “Make in India” is for “Making India” only. Please do not spread negativity. We have seen enough of this. If you want to do politics, you please do it like a man. Be brave and show us some constructive work in your state rather than becoming a cry baby every time someone asks you a question.

Also as you said, “Make India” is what you believe in, lets us know how much “Make Delhi” you have achieved:

  1. How many CCTV cameras have been installed in buses, public places as you promised?
  2. How many women have been employed in “Women security force”. You promised a strong force of 10000 women to us.
  3. How many “Delhi Dialogues” have been conducted till now for good governance?
  4. Your MLAs are having fake degrees and charged for domestic violence. They are under criminal charges. Why you have not shown them the door till now. Oh yes you tweeted once. Yes tweets are enough, right sir?
  5. How many schools, colleges have been opened till now?
  6. What constructive work you have done to provide Power and water to the people of Delhi other than providing subsidies which will make Delhi bleed one day.
  7. What have you done to stop the Dengue Crisis? Except for some ads on radio.

Mr. Kejriwal, no one is bothered what you do. Weather you watch movies or tweet about it as a movie critic, none of our business. But once you try to destabilize programs which may change the fate of India, a voice will raise against you.

For God’s sake, stop playing dirty politics and concentrate on doing something positive.

A common Indian.



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  • Teach these Sanskriti fellows some basic economics. Heard of Norway/Finland’s economic models?

    If you can create a strong social security net, it will help in surviving till they get a job. This will also promote entrepreneurship and improve the economy. SMEs are the engines of any economy. Crony captialists wont help in growing an economy, you need equality in access to opportunities through honest governance.

    Provide Health, Education, Food, Safety, Justice(Social Security), it will make it easier for businesses to survive- as seen in the success story of Nordic Model.

  • Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is basically a Good Man with a Good Heart having a Good Intention to Serve People! The writer of this Article may be a Technological Expert, but should not think that “New Delhi People, who selected him & gave him a 2nd Chance as CM are Completely Fool”. They wanted a Good Guy as their CM, that is why they selected. Even our PM Modiji himself invited Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, had Collobarative Talk & Strategies for Delhi Development after Kejriwal won the Delhi Election with Majority. Before the Election, though the scenario was entirely different, they are FREINDS now! Both of them are Leaders working for National Development. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is a Taxman turned Politician and people only selected him to serve. If he is Much More awareness about Technologies, Methodologies & Politics, he might not have quit his job within 49 Days. The Writer of the Article should know that Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is not against the Technologies or against our P.M Modiji. His intention will never be against the Technologies or masses getting benefit out of it. As a Common man, creating our own wrong thought against a Leader is socially not appreciatable, because it will neither boost a LEADER to do Peform Good nor make him to appreciate the Technological Advancements coming in the future. My Humble Request to the writer is make efforts to appreciate Good Things of Mr.Arvind Kejriwal and making him a part of Modiji’s Technological Improvement for our Nation and motivate him to do more Good for New Delhi and the Country. In fact, Technology has both Merits & Demerits, can be used for both constructive & destructive purposes. Everybody cannot Brilliant and also to use the technology very Wisely. There are people who are getting employment & losing employment because of Technology, the writer of this Article cannot deny this fact. Of course, I agree Technology can provide & feed 1.25 Billion Indian People with Proper Mental Food! It’s really Appreciatable. No one can deny this. But I think Mr.Arvind Kejriwal might not have been against this, but he always wanted our Bharatiya People should get more benefit out of this.