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Devi Kshama Prarthana Stotram – Durga Saptashati


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This stotram is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and is part of Durga Saptashati.  When we offer our prayers to the Goddess, we can make mistakes in the vidhi (method), therefore this prayer is sung at the end to ask for forgiveness for our prayers that may lack in some way.

अपराधसहस्त्राणि क्रियन्तेऽहर्निशं मया।
दासोऽयमिति मां मत्वा क्षमस्व परमेश्‍वरि॥१॥
I commit thousands of offences regularly, so please think of me
as your slave, Oh great Goddess please forgive me.

आवाहनं न जानामि न जानामि विसर्जनम्।
पूजां चैव न जानामि क्षम्यतां परमेश्‍वरि॥२॥
I do not know how to invoke you, nor do I know how to send you away,
I also do not know how to worship you, Oh great Goddess, please forgive me.

मन्त्रहीनं क्रियाहीनं भक्तिहीनं सुरेश्‍वरि।
यत्पूजितं मया देवि परिपूर्णं तदस्तु मे॥३॥
I do not know chants or holy action or devotion, Oh Goddess of the Devas,
And so whatever worship I do, please make it complete.

अपराधशतं कृत्वा जगदम्बेति चोच्चरेत्।
यां गतिं समवाप्नोति न तां ब्रह्मादयः सुराः॥४॥
If one calls you, “Mother of the universe” and commits hundred mistakes,
Still you look after his salvation, and this cannot be done by Brahma and other Devas.

सापराधोऽस्मि शरणं प्राप्तस्त्वां जगदम्बिके।
इदानीमनुकम्प्योऽहं यथेच्छसि तथा कुरू॥५॥
Oh Mother of the Universe, having committed several mistakes I seek your refuge,
Please decide on the fate of this shivering one according to your wishes.

अज्ञानाद्विस्मृतेर्भ्रान्त्या यन्न्यूनमधिकं कृतम्।
तत्सर्वं क्षम्यतां देवि प्रसीद परमेश्‍वरि॥६॥
Oh great goddess I have done all this due to ignorance and wayward thoughts,
And so excuse them all and be pleased with me.

कामेश्‍वरि जगन्मातः सच्चिदानन्दविग्रहे।
गृहाणार्चामिमां प्रीत्या प्रसीद परमेश्‍वरि॥७॥
Oh Goddess of love, Oh Mother of the World, Oh source of eternal happiness,
Please accept my worship and with love become pleased with me.

गुह्यातिगुह्यगोप्त्री त्वं गुहाणास्मत्कृतं जपम्।
सिद्धिर्भवतु मे देवि त्वत्प्रसादात्सुरेश्‍वरि॥८॥
Oh Goddess who is secret of secrets, please accept the chanting done by me,
And make me powerful, through your grace, Oh Goddess of the Devas.