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Original paintings of Shivaji


These paintings are in British Museum, London.

मराठी: छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचे हे चित्र लंडन इथल्या ब्रिटीश संग्रहालयातील आहे.

Portrait of Shivaji; painting mounted onto an album folio. Inscribed. Album contains 26 paintings of Indian princes.

Description: Object types-painting Title (series)-Portraits of Indian Princes Materials-paper (all objects) Techniques-painted Production place-Made in Deccan ((Asia,India,Deccan) Made in India Place (findspot)-Found/Acquired Golconda (all objects) (Asia,South Asia,India,Deccan,Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad District (India),Golconda) Date-1680-1687 Period/Culture-Mughal dynasty



Details as per British Museum:

  • Object type

    • painting
    • album (bound)
  • Museum number


  • Title (series)

    • Portraits of Indian Princes
  • Description

    Portrait of Shivaji; painting mounted onto an album folio. Inscribed. Album contains 26 paintings of Indian princes.

    Ink, opaque watercolour and gold on paper. Album bound in red leather and stamped on both covers with a central medallion, spine decorated with gold leaf. Interior cover marbled.

    • Culture/period

      • Mughal dynasty
    • Date

      • 1680-1687
    • Production place

      • Made in: Deccan
      • (Asia,India,Deccan)
      • Made in: India
      • (Asia,South Asia,India)
    • Findspot

      • Found/Acquired: Golconda
      • (Asia,South Asia,India,Deccan,Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad District (India),Golconda)
    • Materials

      • paper
      • leather
      • gold
    • Technique

      • painted
    • Dimensions

      • Height: 14.7 centimetres (small page)
      • Width: 7 centimetres (small page)
      • Height: 17.3 centimetres (large page)
      • Width: 8.2 centimetres (large page)
      • Height: 19.1 centimetres (album)
      • Width: 10.7 centimetres (album)
      • Thickness: 1.8 centimetres (album)
    • Inscriptions

        • Inscription Type


        • Inscription Script


        • Inscription Position

          top left, on decorated border

        • Inscription Language


        • Inscription Content

          Sieúwagie gewezen
          Maratise Vor Sl. [?]

        • Inscription Translation

          was Shivaji
          Maratha …[?]

        • Inscription Comment

          The inscription identifies the subject and probably means: ‘this was Shivaji, founder of the Maratha state.’

        • Inscription Type


        • Inscription Position

          on album spine

        • Inscription Language


        • Inscription Content

          Portraits of Indian Princes
          Mus Brit Jure Empt

    • Curator’s comments

      See 1974,0617,0.11.1-26 for all folios included in this album.

    • Bibliography

      • Robinson F 2007a p.164
    • Exhibition history


      2013-14 24 Oct-27 April, BM, G69a, ‘Wise men from the East: Zoroastrian traditions in Persia and beyond’ (1974,0617,0.11.1 displayed)
      2009-2010 10 Oct-17 Jan, London, V&A, ‘Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts’ (part 12 displayed)

    • Associated names

      • Representation of: Shivaji
    • Acquisition name

      • Transferred from: British Library
    • Acquisition date


    • Acquisition notes

      Transferred from the Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books (OMPB).

    • Department

      Middle East

    • Registration number


    • Additional IDs

      • 22282
      • Or. 54


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