Not So Known History of Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan


A rope is left hanging on the way to the tomb of GhoriThe tomb of Ghori, an Afgan ruler, is pretty strange. Right next to the main tomb (Ghori’s grave), is another smaller tomb, at the center of which, a rope is left hanging from the roof, till shoulder height. Visitors generally perform a ritual of holding the rope and repeatedly stamping the floor below, as if in anger. Then they proceed to visit the main tomb.

The strange ritual is connected to the charismatic Indian king Prithviraj Chauhan.

When Ghori invaded India for the first time, Prithviraj defeated him in battle of Tarain and held him captive. Ghori pleaded for mercy. Despite Prithviraj’s ministers warning against pardoning Ghori, Prithviraj, being a good Hindu king though, respectfully let him go free.

That was a very big mistake.

Ghori, re-gathered his forces and attacked again within a year. This time Ghori defeated Prithviraj in second battle of Tarain, captured him and took him back to Afghanistan, along with his biographer.

Ghori took pleasure in insulting Prithviraj regularly. Ghori instructed that Prithviraj should lower his eyes in front of him. When Prithviraj refused, Ghori had his eyes removed using hot iron rods but the insults continued.

One day, Ghori announced a game of archery. Prithviraj expressed his desire to participate, provided Ghori would personally give shooting instruction, since he would accept orders only from a king greater than him. Being massaged his ego, Ghori accepted.

That was Ghori’s big mistake.

Ghori did not know that Prithviraj was well trained in Shabdabhedi Baan (An arrow shot only using sound clue). Prithiviraj was unchained and took aim. Ghori instructed to shoot. Prithiviraj turned and shot the arrow right through Ghori’s head, killing him instantly. Shocked and angered, Ghori’s soldiers, immediately killed Prithviraj.

Prithiviraj was buried next to Ghori. Afgans, angry that a blind, captive king managed to kill Ghori, started ritual of stamping Prithiviraj’s grave on the way to Ghori’s grave that continues today, 800 years later.

~ Ganesh Nayak

There have been many request made by Hindus to the government to bring back Prithviraj Chauhan’s Grave, but there was no good response, including a petition created for the cause:


Sher Singh Rana – Hindu Common Man Brought the Asthiya/Relics/Ashes of Prithviraj Chauhan back to India.

In 2005, Sher Singh Rana, a member of the Rajput community, visited Afghanistan to trace the grave of Prithviraj Chauhan. He dug Chauhan’s “grave” and collected sand from it. This incident created sensation in Indian news and public media – as he said he did it to get back India’s pride & respect.

Rana said he convinced the locals that he had come from Pakistan to restore Ghori’s tomb. On the sly, he dug Chauhan’s “grave” and collected sand from it. He even had his “achievement” recorded on video and had pictures taken.

He sent the ‘ashes’ through courier to Etawah and organised a function there with the help of local politicians. Rana’s mother, Satwati Devi hailed her son as the “pride of the country”. “My son has only served this country. He brought the remains of Prithviraj Chauhan to India,” she said.



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  • hi
    i m a huge fan of urs…
    ur articles are all an eye opener !!! Well done…. We definitely have to rewrite the history of India….
    May i know the source of ur vast knowledge on ancient Indian history ??

  • Dear brothers and sisters, I myself have signed the petition to bring back the grave of our king . Kindly do your part to bring a change


  • well done sher singh . U r the real hero of india. Good job. Aapko koi kuch nahi bigar sakta. Aapko jail mein nahi. India ka persident hona maangta. We are always with u.

  • Please let me know that where are the remains placed in india because I just wanted to have a look on the remains of that brave king and also because I m also a chauhan