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Walnuts: The Top Nut for overall health

Walnuts are considered brain food in Ayurveda and the credit doesn’t just go to their “brain-like” looks but because they are packed with some amazingly powerful nutrients.

Native to India and the regions surrounding the Caspian Sea, the tree serves a multitude of uses. It can be used as food, medicine, cleaner, furniture and dye. The seed itself has a number of health benefits ranging from weight management to prevention of various cancers.

Weight Loss:

Nuts have a bad rap for being too high in fat but the truth is that they are a powerhouse of nutrition. Walnuts are good for weight management since an ounce of walnut contains 2.5g of omega 3 fats, 4g of protein and 2g of fiber which fills the stomach.

Great Sleep Aid:

Walnuts contain melatonin, a hormone which helps induce and regulate sleep patterns, making the seeds a great evening or bedtime snack.

Hair Food:

Walnuts contain biotin (vitamin B7) that help strengthen and improve hair growth while reducing hair loss.

Helps Prevent Diabetes:

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed women who consumed 28gms of walnuts twice a week, were 24% less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes. Experts believe it would have the same benefit for men as well.

Reduces the Sign of Aging:

Rich in antioxidants and B-vitamins, walnuts protect the skin from damage by free radicals, preventing wrinkles, signs of aging while giving it a natural glow.

Heart Healthy:

Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are really effective in combating heart disease. They encourage the production of good cholestrol while fighting bad cholestrol.

Stress Buster:

A rich source of fibre, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, walnuts assist the body in fighting stress. Studies indicate that including walnuts and walnut oil the diet lowered both resting blood pressure and blood pressure responses.


A study done on mice found that vitamin E and flavanoids in walnuts helped destroy harmful free radicals that cause dementia.

Pancreatic Cancer:

Studies suggest that women who consumed a one-ounce serving of nuts two or more times per week had a significantly reduced risk of pancreatic cancer compared to those whose diet lacked nuts.

Long Life:

Scientists found that eating a handful of walnuts three times a week cut the risk of dying from cancer by 40% and from cardiovascular disease by at least 55%.

Great during Pregnancy:

Consuming nuts, especially walnuts during pregnancy can reduce the baby’s chances of developing food allergies, studies indicate. The research found that if a mother’s diet contains a certain group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the baby’s gut develops differently and helps immune cells respond well to bacteria and foreign substances.

Breast Cancer:

Studies showed that a daily dose of walnuts (2 ounces a day for humans), reduced the growth of breast cancer tumors in mice.


Walnut allergy is a type of hypersensitivity reaction to food substances which contains these nuts. Symptoms may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling of lips and throat, leading to difficulty in breathing
  • Chest congestion

Use caution or consult your physician if you have never used walnuts before.

So pack yourself some goodness of walnuts today. They may just be considered the king of nuts for their awesome health benefits.