Natural home remedies for toothache
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Natural home remedies for toothache

Almost everyone has experienced a toothache, be it during their growing years or during old age. We are all afraid of this diabolic pain that nags and tortures us for quite a long time. Toothache ranges from mild to less severe. But what causes toothache?

Toothache is the pain of the teeth or in and around it. A toothache can be caused by various conditions like the dental cavity, crack in the tooth, and disease of the gum or disorder in the joint of the jaw. The pain is a heightened when the teeth come in contact with too hot or too cold food or water. Now we all dread a dentist and especially his scary instruments so is there any way to avoid going to a dentist? Well the natural remedies are at hand.

Given below are natural treatments for toothache. These are very effective home remedies for toothache and it provides immediate relief for toothache.

Toothache Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Immediate Relief

  • Garlic as a remedy for toothache
    Garlic is called the elixir of the world and among its vast benefits the toothache reducing or curing property is laudable. A clove of garlic and rock salt placed on the area affected is beneficial. One clove can also be internally consumed by chewing daily for strong denture.
  • Onion as a home remedy for toothache
    The anti bacterial properties of the onion plays the vital role in reducing toothache. Consuming onion by chewing for at least three minutes is very effective in killing the germs in mouth that cause toothache. Placing a small sized onion on the affected area can cure toothache. Since it is rich in sodium vitamin E and vitamin B12 is also good to be included in daily diet.
  • Lime as a toothache remedy
    The vitamin C in lime not only prevents tooth decay but also helps in controlling toothache. Caries, bleeding gums and even loose tooth can be cured by lime treatment. Consuming unpeeled lime is better option.
  • Amla or gooseberry as a toothache remedy
    The vitamin C in goose berry not only prevents tooth decay but also helps in controlling toothache. Caries, bleeding gums and even loose tooth can be cured by Amla treatment.
  • Wheat grass treatment for toothache
    The natural antibiotic agents contained in wheat grass helps fight tooth ache and decay. It protects against attack of bacteria and infections. About three inch wheat saplings can be crushed in a blender and then consumed or can be used as a mouth wash.

  • Asafoetida or Hing as toothache treatment
    When asafoetida is grounded and added to lemon juice and thereafter slightly heated and applied on the affected area with a cotton swab which is there after placed in the cavity is a time tested remedy for toothache. Slightly fried asafoetida in clarified butter is also good.
  • Bay Berry remedy
    A paste of the bark of the bay berry made with vinegar base is very effective. The paste is applied on the affected area to relieve tooth ache.
  • Clove
    Even a layman knows that this wonder condiment can relieve toothache quickly and effectively. The oil of clove applied on the cavity is anti septic also.
  • Pepper as a remedy for toothache
    A quarter of a teaspoon of salt added to a pinch of pepper dust is an excellent remedy. It cures sensitive tooth, reduce gum bleeding, cures tooth aches and painful gums and the mouth hygiene in peak condition. Mixed with clove oil it can also be applied.
  • Ice massage 
    Amazing though it might seem massaging the area in the middle of the forefinger and the thumb gently and for few minutes is an effective remedy for toothache. This acts as a nerve blocker and an anesthetic agent.
  • The oil of Oregano is again effective remedy against toothache
    The antimicrobial property in oregano helps cure toothache as well as tooth decay.
  • Common salt
    A simple mouth wash using common salt is a very effective remedy against toothache. Thorough and proper rinsing of the complete mouth is essential.
  • Liquor as a remedy against tooth ache
    Sock a wad of cotton wool in brandy and place it on the affected tooth. Gum can also be numbed with a hurried swallow of whisky after it has been held in the mouth for some times.
  • A triphala and Cyprus decoction can be used for gargling to reduce severe toothache.
  • A mixture of honey and ghee when applied on the affected area does the wonder of reducing toothache.
  • Chewing the root of the rosebay of the east Indian type also reduces toothache.
  • Munching of the leafy green vegetables does wonders in toothache. If continued daily it prevents toothache also.

With all such natural remedies available at hand it will be quite foolish to take the help of allopathic cure and torture one’s body unnecessarily. Thus one must resort to natural cure for toothache first and then if required go for allopathic cure.