Nature's Cure

Natural Home Remedies For Insect Bites

With a wide variety of flora and fauna surrounding us, it is quite natural to be bitten or stung by insects. Being purely accidental in nature, one may find himself in pure panic on account of its sudden nature. But with a number of natural remedies available one need not worry in case of being stung by bees, flies, hornets and wasps.

  • On being bitten and stung by mosquitoes and wasps, a plantain leaf will come in handy. In order to avoid itchiness and red sore; chewing up the leaf of plantain will prove to be effective.
  • Amalgam of lavender and vegetable oil will work fine, if a little bit of the warmed mixture is applied on the area bitten. Lavender with its soothing property works fine to ease itchiness and scars.
  • Lavender oil made out of boiling florets of lavender in half a measure of vegetable oil also proves to be soothingly effective on being applied to the areas affected by bites and stings.
  • On being stung by bees, the first thing to be done is to have the sting removed. After removing the sting the next step would be having the area placed under running cold water. Application of a paste made out of plantain leaf and water proves to be effective.
  • Even paste made out of marshmallow root is effective in removing patchy irritation.
  • Another herbal formula is available in oil extracted from tea plants. If applied externally it serves as an excellent anesthesia.
  • A concoction made out of baking soda and cider vinegar also comes as another beneficial option to repeal the harmful effects of bites and stings.
  • It is said that wet tobacco or snuff applied on the affected area works fine.
  • The natural goodness of mud is also an effective option to get relief from the stinging effects of bites and stings. Apart from soothing the area, it also serves to heal the pain.

  • Ice is another natural option whereby you may be relieved from the sharply intense pain. In case you are bitten by a spider, ice proves to be very effective.
  • Drop or two of eucalyptus oil is also effective in ensuring relief from pain.
  • Application of honey on the affected area, after having washed the same under running water also proves to be useful.
  • A decoction made using lemon juice, myrrh and aloe is also effective.
  • Solution made out of meat tenderizer whereby you combine water and meat in the ratio of four is to one is also beneficial, if applied on the affected area. It serves as a healing option specially on being stung by bees.
  • A tincture made combining lavender, root of Echinacea and clay also proves to be effective, if you apply the same after having removed the sting and washed the affected area under running water. The mixture should assume a sticky structure and hold on to the area affected.

  • In cases of allergic reaction following an insect bite; application of formic acid in addition to one tea spoon of baking soda proves effective in releasing the sting.
  • On being stung by jelly fish, it is advisable not to use running water because that will aggravate the conditions. Rather one should go for a vinegar, alcohol or ammonia for washing the part affected.
  • Papaya with its medicinal enzymes serves to heal bite by neutralizing the poison content. So a slice of raw papaya may be applied on the part affected to slow down the stinging effect. Even juice extracted out of papaya seeds comes as a beneficial option.
  • Similar to lavender, eucalyptus and oil extracted from tea tree; the one extracted from clove is similarly effective if applied on the affected area with balls of cotton.
  • Oil extracted from garlic will prove to repel mosquitoes and other bugs if applied gently on skin.
  • Amalgam consisting of ground cinnamon, honey and warm water will prove to be soothingly relieving if applied on the affected area.
  • Slice cut out of an onion bulb proves to be effective if applied on the area affected by wasp or a bee sting. The enzyme contained in onion serves to heal the poisonous sting. Even a clove of garlic cut in halves can be applied on the affected area.
  • A mixture containing cider vinegar and juice of a lemon may be applied on the area affected with the help of a cotton ball.
  • So as to counter the itchiness of flea bites; application of water and baking soda will be relieving.
  • Petals of marigold are equally effective as a healing option against insect bite.

Besides relying upon the goodness of herbs and other home based remedial option; it is imperative that if swelling, redness and irritation continue, one should seek immediate medical advice and attention.