Natural home remedies for Asthma
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Natural home remedies for Asthma

A word derived from Greek etymology which literally means ‘panting’ or ‘gasping’ for breath; is attributed to a disease related to the respiratory tract. Triggered by way of an allergic reaction of the body to one or many stimulants or ‘allergens’; a patient in its attacking spell suffers from breathlessness. Marked by a prolonged difficulty in breathing out, asthma is marked by involuntary spasm of small muscular air passages of lungs. Occurring primarily due to an allergic reaction a number of triggers or irritants including those from weather, food, medication and use or exposure to certain chemicals may mark the onset of asthmatic attack.

For effective control and remedy of asthma; one needs to ascertain the allergen or irritant which triggers such an attack. Thus controlling the conditions which account for asthma will indirectly lead to fewer attacks of asthma.

Home Remedy For Asthma – Effective Natural Asthma Treatment

  • For people susceptible to asthma on account of pollen, dust and pets need to ensure their protection against the causal factors. It is imperative that they go for air conditioning of their rooms and cars to prevent exposure to the sources of irritation.
  • It is imperative that they stay away from carpets, draperies and toys which accumulate dust. The ones allergic to animal furs need to ensure that pets are not allowed in vicinity of living rooms.
  • Besides avoiding the likely allergens, certain dietary means have been found beneficial for those prone to asthmatic attacks. For instance powdered turmeric added to milk keeps such attacks away; if consumed daily on empty stomach.
  • Five to six cloves boiled in half a glass of water with a spoon full of honey serve as an excellent decoction against asthma; if taken twice a day.
  • Crushed cloves of garlic may be boiled in six tea spoons of milk for regular consumption of the same by an asthma prone person.
  • Regular exposure to fresh air and sun light free from pollutants contributed by factories and means of transport is also important in order to counter the attacks of asthma.
  • One of the naturally effective home remedies include a decoction including tea spoon full measures of raw honey, ginger powder and ground black pepper.
  • Dried grapes soaked in water and then in cold milk may be had on an empty stomach in order to counter asthmatic attacks. Consumption of grapes serves to strengthen lungs and flush the toxic contents of human body.
  • Dried figs also serve to flush out the phlegm content of the respiratory tract.
  • Equal measures of honey and olive oil may be added to warm milk. The consumption of the resulting milk along with a few cloves of garlic before breakfast acts as an antidote to asthmatic attacks.
  • Half a glass measure of boiled fenugreek juice along with tea spoons measure of ginger juice is also an excellent natural remedy. It serves to decongest and detoxify the lungs.
  • Regular consumption of fennel seeds also has a similar purpose to serve.
  • Herbal tea with ground ginger and a dash of lime juice is also effective. Patients susceptible to asthmatic attacks may choose the same over milk tea to be consumed twice a day. Herbal tea based on licorice root is extremely beneficial.
  • Turmeric and honey taken separately early in the morning keeps you away from the painful bouts of asthmatic attacks.
  • Crushed gooseberry in a table spoon of honey also serves as a natural remedial medicine.
  • Soup made out of radish, honey and lemon juice may be made by blending the mentioned ingredients. Regular consumption of at least ten grams the same mixture is beneficial for asthma patients. Both the medicinally enriched natural ingredients will serve to excrete mucus and detoxify the respiratory tract.
  • Broth made out of leaves of drumstick is equally helpful for patients afflicted with asthma.
  • Juice of bitter gourd added to honey and paste of basil also ranks amongst the numerous natural options. Spoon full of the same serves to defend yourself from asthmatic attacks.
  • Dried pomegranates and raisins boiled in milk also serve to be an effective remedial measure.
  • Dried and powdered seeds of safflower acts as a natural expectorant if consumed with a spoon full measure of honey.
  • In case one finds himself in the grip of an attack warm mustard oil with a bit of crushed camphor should be massaged on the victim’s back and chest to make way for ease in breathing.
  • Inhaling of steam from water boiled in ‘ajwain’ seeds will also prove to be relieving.
  • Inhaling steam from water enriched with herbal oil of ‘juniper’ may be another relieving option.
  • Inhaling the smell of honey is also said to be similarly beneficial.

Apart from adopting a dietary regimen insisting on fruits, vegetable and honey; patients susceptible to breathing spasms on account of asthma should be cautious about his weight. Special medical advice and care should be taken as to the use of humidifiers and inhalers if the bouts of attack are frequent.