Home Treatment for Arthritis
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Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis

As a disease affecting the joints, arthritis is marked by painfulness, and swelling of joints. There are various kinds of arthritis; but the common ones include “osteoarthritis”,” rheumatoid arthritis “and “septic arthritis”. Irrespective of their variety, the common symptoms of arthritis are pain and stiffness around the inflated joints. These in turn give way to inflexibility, immobility and muscular debility. In certain cases of intense inflammation; it leads to fever, general feeling of tiredness and lack of sleep. Besides physiotherapy, exercises and adoption of healthy life style; treatment of arthritis often involves surgical procedures. But surgical option is generally embarked upon as a last resort to solve extreme cases. There are quite a few home remedial options which work fine as treatment for this chronic joint disorder.

Effective Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis

Listed below are some effective arthritis home remedies which are found to be useful in arthritis cure and arthritis pain relief. Natural treatment for arthritis is also without side effects.

  • As part of the dietary regimen, it is imperative that patients of arthritis choose a diet that will contribute to the alkaline content of blood. Diet rich in raw vegetables, sprouts and juicy fruits should be opted for in place of one rich in animal protein, carbohydrate and fat.
  • Sometimes in course of therapy, patients are recommended diet solely consisting of raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Sea water has been found effective in relieving painfulness and stiffness of the affected joints. The iodine content of sea water not only helps to balance the pH of the body but also positively influences the thyroid functioning. Thus bathing in sea water can be recommended for patients struck by arthritis.
  • As an alternative, patient may be advised to take a dip into warm water enriched with common salt.
  • Special care should be taken to exposure oneself to sunlight and ambience marked by proper ventilation.
  • Drinking water stored in copper content proves to be beneficial from the point of view of arthritis patients as traces of copper accumulation making its way to the system contributes to strengthening the skeletal and muscular system.
  • Calcium supplements as well as calcium taken as ‘calcium lactate’ serves to strengthen bones and muscles.
  • Garlic with its multi sided medicinal qualities is also useful for arthritis. Consumption of two to three cloves of garlic work wonder against inflammation leading to aching joints.
  • Besides garlic, ginger is also effective from the point of view of rheumatic arthritis. Consumption of at least thirty to fifty grams of ginger serves to reduce the painful conditions.

  • Juice extracted from potato is similarly beneficial if consumed before breakfast. One may also soak sliced potato along with its peel in a bowl filled with water for drinking the water used for soaking potato slices.
  • Water soaking sesame seeds can be had early in the morning along with the seed being soaked. The remedy will make your joint pains infrequent.
  • Pineapple juice is also an effective natural option on account of its ‘bromelain’ content which serves to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Though animal protein is not recommended the Omega3 fatty acids of certain oily fish proves to be beneficial from the view point of arthritis. Supplements of the same or food rich in Omega 3 fatty acid can be taken.
  • One table spoon measure of cod liver oil may be added to a glass filled with orange juice. The said mixture will assure you of the requisite nutrients in forms of Vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acid.
  • Juice extracted from raw vegetables such as celery, spinach and carrot blended in equal measure is also one of the healthy options which serve to clear blood of the accumulated deposits.
  • Coconut water and milk of the same are equally beneficial as natural remedial measures
  • While the consumption of tea and coffee should be reduced, as an alternative option you may go for herbal tea. Herbal tea based on alfalfa has been found to be beneficial from the point of view of arthritis.
  • Regular consumption of banana is also beneficial because Vitamin B content of the fruit acts against stiffness of joints.
  • Soup made out of green gram is another of your naturally nourishing options which works wonders if consumed regularly with crushed cloves of garlic.
  • For soothing and instantaneous relief from joint pains; application of tolerably warm coconut or mustard oil enriched with crushed camphor proves to be relieving.
  • Circulation around the affected tissues can be enhanced with the help of massaging of herbal oils such as lemon, rosemerry, lavender and chamomile. Thus gentle massaging of the mentioned oils will prove to be relieving.
  • Gentle massaging of castor oil is also similarly beneficial.
  • Applying mildly hot compresses of apple vinegar before pushing off to bed can also serve to keep your joints warm and soothing.

Besides adopting the mentioned elements; patients with arthritis are advised to keep themselves sufficiently mobile as lack of movement adds to pain and joint stiffness. In fact, certain yogic exercises and postures are equally beneficial to keep one sufficiently agile in spite of arthritis.