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Gujarat Riots Myth 22 – Atal Bihari Vajpayee said Modi is not following Rajdharma

FACT: This incident happened on 4th April 2002, when the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Gujarat. When a reporter asked the Prime Minister in his joint press conference with Narendra Modi what message he will like to give the Gujarat Chief Minister, he said: “A ruler should follow Rajdharma. Not differentiate between the subjects on the basis of caste or religion. I always try to do so. I am sure Narendra bhai is also doing so.”

  The latter part of the sentence: “I am sure that Narendra Modi is also following Rajdharma”was completely ignored, not reported and it was made to sound as if Vajpayee had said: “Narendra Modi should follow Rajdharma (Implied that he is not doing so now)”.

Luckily, the entire video is today on YouTube and can be viewed by anyone.


In the days of the domination of the biased media, and terrible PR work from the Gujarat Government, this lie continued unchallenged for almost 10 years. But now with the social media and YouTube taking away the monopoly of TV channels, the reality came out.