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Gujarat Riots Myth 2 – Muslims were ‘butchered’ in Gujarat by Hindus

Fact: Undoubtedly, Muslims were killed in one-sided attacks in many places in the state, like in Naroda Patiya, Gulbarg Society, Naroda Gram, Sadarpura, Ode and other places, but by and large, the riots were not one-sided, and Muslims were hardly the cattle hiding from the slaughter house. As we have seen in a couple of earlier chapters, Muslims were equally on the offensive, at least after the first three days. Muslims killed Hindus brutally in Himmatnagar, Danilimda, and Sindhi Market and other areas of Ahmedabad, as reported by weekly India Today.

To read the full story of India Today


See paragraphs 8,9,10,11 and 15 of this story in India Today

The Hindu reported that as early as 1st March 2002 itself, Muslims started violence in Ahmedabad. (See The Hindu’s report on this subject in its issue dated 2nd March 2002).


See last line of 9th paragraph from the top.

Reports of The Hindu on this subject throughout the months of March and April 2002 make it clear that Muslims were on the offensive, called the shots in many areas, drove out Hindus from their houses, started the riots in many cases. India Today’s report on this subject in its issue dated 15 April 2002 also points out this same thing. To read the full story of “Attacks on Hindus”, read the book.

Around 40,000 Hindus were forced to take shelter in refugee camps. The Dalits suffered heavily in the riots, only at the hands of the Muslims. On 21 March 2002, 50 Hindu shops were burnt in Ahmedabad’s Revdi Bazaar that caused a loss of 15 crore rupees.

See link:


The Muslims attacked the Hindus on 1st and 2nd March 2002 as well. They are on record starting as many as 157 riots in Gujarat after 3rdMarch 2002. They did not allow the police and the Army to search for criminals in their areas. They pelted the police and even the Army with bullets and stones, when they arrived to conduct search operations in Muslim areas. The Muslims formed human chains and cut off power at night so that the criminals could flee with weapons (from the Army).

Link: http://www.indiatoday.com/itoday/20020415/states.shtml Paragraph 15 from top.

Several judgments of different courts in Gujarat have sentenced 80 Muslims for rioting after post Godhra. On one occasion, 7 Muslims and on another occasion, 9 Muslims were convicted and punished for rioting and killing after Godhra. The full details of these convictions can be seen in the Chapter “Some court Judgments” given in the book but not in this website and in “Myth 21″.

The conviction of Muslims proves that Muslims were equally on the offensive-and not the cattle hiding from the slaughter house that the media makes them out to be.

To see a link for the conviction of 9 Muslims in Ahmedabad- on 28 March 2006- click here


7 Muslims were convicted on 18 March 2006-


4 Muslims convicted on 18 May 2006-


A must see article on the role of the Gujarat Government in controlling violence is this: