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Gujarat Riots Myth 10 – Gujarat became a dangerous place to live in after 2002

Fact: The opinion poll by the weekly India Today in its issue dated 25 November 2002 asked a question to its respondents- “Do you feel secure living in Gujarat today?” in which approximately 68 % people including around 56 % Muslims felt secure. While commenting on the entire poll, India Today reported, “Voters have rallied solidly behind the chief minister’s aggressive posturing. They have endorsed his view of the riots being a reaction to Godhra. They approve his fulmination against outsiders who have vilified the state. And they contemptuously dismiss all suggestions that Gujarat has become a dangerous place to live in.”

To see the full India Today report see this link:


The newspaper editors lied along with 24-hour TV news channels like NDTV that the whole of Gujarat was burning. Living outside Gujaratand lying about the state, their lies did not go well with the masses. The media lied to such an unimaginable extent that the media itself by now may have started believing its concocted lies.(An article on some facts about the media can be read here “NDTV is CPM Today“. And another article which is worth reading is “The channels strategy of attacks”.