Impact of West on the Indian Culture

Indian Culture, which is one of the oldest & richest cultures, is now under serious threat as western culture is making its strong base in India and slowly and gradually wiping out the Indian culture. It had already made its presence in Metro’s & now slowly heading towards other parts of India. Westernization has greatly affected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and love for others.

The concept of joint families is fading fast, and everyone wants to remain aloof. Now nobody is interested in other’s affairs and only cares for himself which is totally contradictory to our Indian culture that teaches us to be a part and parcel of the society, sharing each other’s Joys and sorrows. All our rich values and traditions are slowly dying down, Western Culture is taking its place. People are blindly following it without knowing the consequences.Westernization has given rise to single families.

Marriages are breaking & our tolerance and patience has exhausted. The most affected are our new blooms, which have yet to sprout. They find themselves stressed and isolated in this new atmosphere, since there is no one to take care of them. They no more get the care and love of their Grandparents. They find themselves in crutches to be taken care by others. It is very unfortunate that the new sprouts remain untouched and cut off from our great moral values and sanskaaras. In today’s Scenario both husband & wife are working.

There is no one at home to look after them and to cultivate the sanskaaras in them since our elders who use to give these sanskaaras to their grand children are no longer with them. In many cases it is not deliberate but in majority of cases the children prefer to remain away from their parents which is very unfortunate.

There’s no harm in taking good things from the west, but this does not mean that we should become slave to their culture, and misrepresent our identity. It is understandable that India is a growing country, so it is necessary of knowing all the cultures and their traditions. To some extent it is fine, but it is wrong to pretend and behave like Westerners and discard our own culture. We have to preserve our identity.

It is shocking to see that Indians are forgetting their culture. On the contrary westerners are looking towards Indian spirituality for solving their personal, social and national problems. They are coming to India to find peace through Yoga and Meditation. India has earned a good name in the field of Yoga and Meditation abroad. Our gurus are giving teachings to westerners how to relax & how to keep themselves fit and away from diseases.

It is very unfortunate that today’s generation has very little knowledge about their culture, traditions and roots. This is not their fault but the fault of their parents who do not enlighten them about their roots, rich cultural and heritage. Contradictory to it, Parents feel proud in giving their children western Sanskaras, and they are brought up in western atmosphere. Thus, they are kept miles away from Indian culture.

There is no harm in giving knowledge of other cultures and traditions as Indians have made their presence in every part of world, but it is necessary that they should have knowledge of their own culture, traditions and language. We should also take care that our new sprouts are well versed with Indian culture and its values. It is the responsibility of parents to cultivate our rich culture and heritage in their children.

No doubt the western culture is versatile and teaches self-dependence, but this does not mean that we should forget our culture and blindly follow the westerners. We should always feel proud that we, the Indians have such a rich cultural heritage which is very rare and should be carried forward and cultivated in the minds of our New blooms who are going to be our future.

~ Rajalakshmi Joshi

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  • Thanks for this inspiring information n knowledge…. But For me this statemnt is not much satisfactory—> “No doubt the western culture is versatile and teaches self-dependence” coz our cultre also shows self dependence and even much more better… And along with love and corelation with society…… But Yes in todays period we have to learn from good coz better under wrong will…

  • This is because of the false education that is taught in our schools…vedic knowledge has to be imparted from the school education and make sanskrit a mandatory language and english as a backup….The so called secularism is destroying the country…The bharat which produced our greatest acharyas like Ramanujaacharya, Adi Shankara, Madvacharya and all the alwars is entirely in oblivion………….I would say start at the school level the reforms in education i mean and teach the necessary vedic education, or else bharat will keep on producing educated brutes……But I guess the cultural fabric of our country is already so much deprecated with movies deprecating even further dividing the country creating state level feelings…….when bharatawasis are proud of sanskrit/ vedic culture more than they are proud of english, bharat will slowly start shining again

    • Dear Kalyan ji,

      I do have high esteem for your opinion regarding the introduction of Vedic knowledge and sanskrit right from school days. No doubt, for regaining our lost glory and cultural value, the suggestion opined by you can be highly effective. But do you think that your step is feasible in a country which houses numerous religions, language speakers, extremists and radicalits?You might have recently encountered the news were Karunanidhi and other ministers from south are vehemently opposing MODI governments decision to implement Hindi as the compulsory language for all official work. When this people have no regard for hindi, do you think they would give a damn care for Sanskrit? Coming to the second point, Introduction of vedic culture can again result into religious conflict and arguments as other religious institution would also like to prioritize their own testaments to be imparted in school education. Indias secularist theory might be obstructing development to some extent but looking back at our history, its the best possible theory to elude any pointless discrepancies.

  • The world is not static and is ever changing. With the dissemination of mass media and other source of knowledge and communication we have already embraced the western ideas and philosophies. One can easily deduce that almost all the existing social problems can be attributed to the adverse effect of these western thoughts. But we also cannot overlook the materialistic development we have achieved by imbibing western concepts. So as stated in the above article, I too agree that western thoughts should be adopted without hampering our age-old spiritual and ethical foundation which has constantly guided us in our overall development and during all odds.

  • Incredible India!

    Friedrich Hege:
    “India is the land of dreams. India had always dreamt- more of Bliss that is man’s final goal. And this has helped India to be more creative in history than any other nation. Hence the effervescence of myths and legends, religions, and philosophies, music, and dances and the different styles of architecture.”
    Source: A Survey of Hinduism- by Klaus K. Klostermaier

  • I worry for the children. The western culture has already infiltrated the Indian culture and parents are leaving children with maids etc to fulfill their materialistic goals. If not Vedas, at least licensed day cares for the little ones and some strict rules for parents with children below age of 12 like the western world must be incorporated…western counties are really comparison..copy their policies not what is shown in the Bollywood movies. Govt policies are very very strict when it comes to children, I guess that kind of laws will stop the careless selfish parents going overboard and blaming the cultural change..

  • I am a westerner from the United States. I find this conversation to be very interesting. I believe you are wise to be worried. We are a country built on our faith. There are people who have sought to erode our beliefs. Larger cities will attract depravity. It is harder to be judged when you are in a sea of people. If they gain control of your television and movies, they will mold your young minds to their way of thinking. Science will be used to question the intellect of anyone who believes in a deity. They have destroyed families by offering unwed mothers money to support their children. Many fathers abandon their children since the goverment gIves those mothers financial assistance, but only if they are single. That will be your tax money paying for their mistakes. Plus the mothers are now dependant on the government who has essentially replaced the father. That will give the government even more power. This has led to a lot of mothers raising children alone. A new trend has emerged where both parents leave the grandparents to raise their children. Eventually you will have women who see a fetus as a barrier to future happiness and success. Abortions will fall at first due to an ability to better provide for their children. Then it will surge back as women see children as a burden to their immoral lifestyle. They will try to convince you that abortions should be legal, because women are dying from illegal abortions. Maybe they will claim a right to this by claiming they are all rape victims. Understand that there are two western cultures. You should worry about the one I described. You will only realize what has been lost when it is too late. You must start now in pointing out the fallacies in their ideology. Reclaiming a native language, any native language, would be a great start. Do not hand them any bullets to use against you. Your history of good and bad is long. Their history is new, and you will have little to say about them. They will most likely go after the hearts and minds of the women in your country. If the women in your country are mistreated in any way, that is a crack in which to place a wedge. That’s half of your population on their side. Then they will most likely go after the hearts and minds of those living in poverty. You will be to blame for their squalored conditions. There are always more impoverished people than people with some wealth. Often they are the least educated, and most easily influenced. Western influence on your garments is the least of your worries. I hope your culture survives the upcoming onslaught on the very things that make your country special. I love my culture, but I deeply respect your rich culture. Please do not wait too long to save it. Every new generation will not even be aware of what they have lost, and the new India will become the standard for them. Good luck my friends.

  • We just wanted that you take a bath, not educate your children like the Kardashians.

  • Our previous generations are to be blamed, who started this!

  • … I agree with this article, however, culture and faith ought to have distinction; being first generation Canadian, and Indian by descent via Fiji, I know little of Indian culture and it’s myriad regional permutations. Having said that, I believe that the culture may be expressed without expectation of conversion, especially that which is accepted by force or under duress … such forcibly imposed persuasion is contrary to the dharma that Indians are supposed to uphold

  • ” …and then day came when the risk to stay tight in the bud became more painful then the risk it took to blossom” Elizabeth Appell,

    There is no such thing as a perfect society or perfect culture. We are all adapting to the evolution of life, society existing culture and the new culture to come. No matter in which part of the world we are born today , geography and culture won’t make anymore such a huge difference. We humans have to work together towards developing common universal values. This is very much valid today for any other country and culture in the world. Internet took out the boundaries, the restrictions and the rezistence cultures, religions, governments, politics created. Internet has no country, no colours, no race imposed rules. there will be one day One big Word, no matter if we want it or not. From learning to protect only what is Mine, we gonna learn to protect what is Ours. This will eliminate the tendency to separate, to think that we are betters then other cultures. Will create openness. We are already opened to eat different foods, wear different cloths( I have my Indian cloths I wear in the summer that I am proud of:):):) In order to learn to value culture we have to learn to respect human dignity and freedom, and then valuing our culture won’t be an issue.
    With all my respect to any culture in the world!