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“Muslims are bullies and Hindus cowards”, the Mahatma Gandhi once said. He may be right – at least about Hindus: there has been in the past 1400 years, since the first invasions started, very few Shivaji’s and Maharana Pratap’s to fight the bloody rule of the Moghuls, or hardly any Rani of Jhansi’s to stand against the humiliating colonial yoke of the British. If a nation’s soul is measured by the courage of its children, then India is definitely doomed: without the Sikhs, whose bravery is unparalleled in the more recent history of India, Hindus would have even lost additional land to the Muslim invaders and there would have been infinitely more massacres of Hindus by Muslims during the first weeks of Partition.

Are Hindus more courageous since they have an independent nation? Not at all! Because of Nehru’s absurd and naïve “hindi-chini-bhai-bhai” policy, the Indian army was shamefully routed in 1962 by the Chinese, a humiliation which rankles even today. Beijing is still able to hoodwink Indian politicians, by pretending it has good intentions, while quietly keeping on giving nuclear know-how to Pakistan, as well as the missiles to carry their atomic warheads to Indian cities, arm separatists groups in the north-east and continuing to claim Arunachal Pradesh or Sikkim.

Today, we see that Indian politicians, instead of standing-up to Islamic militancy and Chinese bully, prefer to look the other way and speak of ‘Hindu terrorism’, an absurdity if there is one. Hindus are hounded, humiliated, routed, be it in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Muslims indulge in pogroms against Hindus every time they want to vent their hunger against India (read Taslima Nasreen’s book “Lalja”). In Kashmir, the land of yogis, where Hindu sadhus and sages have meditated for 5000 years, Hindus have been chased out of their ancestral home by death, terror and intimidation: there were 25% of Hindus at the beginning of the century in the Kashmir valley… and hardly a handful today. And look how the US is treating India, refusing to hand over Headley, responsible for the planning of the horrible Mumbai attacks and continuing to prop-up Pakistan, knowing very well that when American troops will leave Afghanistan, Islamabad will make sure that a friendly Taliban regime is reinstalled, with dire consequences for India’s security

There is no point in playing cricket against Pakistan, as long as Islamabad is sending militants to kill and maim into Indian territory. Yet, Hindus continue to think that in the name of sportsmanship, or democracy, it’s the right thing to do. We keep hearing about Hindu ‘terrorism’. But since fourteen centuries, Muslims have always struck first against Hindus, And those who live in Indian cities which have important Muslim minorities, will tell you that every time there are Hindu-Muslims, it is the Muslims who start them, either by attacking the police, or by provoking the Hindus.

The truth is that there are two standards in India: one for the Hindus; and one for the Muslims. Did the “fanatic” Hindus who brought down Ayodhya (and brought shame onto secular India, according to the Indian media) kill or even injure anyone in the process? No. But Muslims do not have such qualms. When Gandhi said they were bullies, he was being very nice or very polite. For forget about the millions of Hindus killed during the ten centuries of Muslim invasions, probably the worst Holocaust in world history; forget about the hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples razed to the ground, whose destruction – whatever our “secular” Hindus of today say – was carefully recorded by the Muslims themselves, because they were proud of it (see Aurangzeb’s own chronicles); forget about the millions of Hindus forcibly converted to Islam, and who sadly are now rallying under a banner, a language, a scripture which have nothing to do with their own ethos and culture (*). Yesterday and also today, when the Muslim world feels it has been slighted, in even a small measure by Hindus, these Infidels, who submitted meekly to Muslim rule for ten centuries, it retaliates a hundred fold – this is the only way one intimidates cowards. After Ayodhya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (at least in a passive way by giving shelter for a while to Tiger Memon) with the help of Indian Muslims, planted bombs in the heart of Bombay and killed a thousand innocent human beings, most of them, once more, Hindus.

This is no to say that all Muslims are fanatics; on the contrary, many of India’s Muslims are extremely gentle and their sense of hospitality unsurpassed. The same thing can be said about Pakistan: Pakistani politicians, for instance, are much more accessible than in India and Pakistan has its own identity, which cannot be wished away. No, the problem is not with Muslims, whether they are Indians or Pakistanis, the problem is with Islam, which teaches Indian Muslims from an early age, to look beyond their national identity to a country – the Mecca, in Saudi Arabia – which is not their country, to read a Scripture which is not written in their own language, to espouse a way of thinking, which is inimical to their own roots and indigenous culture. Indian Muslims, have to think of themselves first as Indians and secondly only as Muslims. Muslim soldiers fighting against Pakistan in Kargil, have shown the way.

One would be tempted to say in conclusion : “Arise ô Hindus, stop being cowards, remember that a nation requires Kshatriyas, warriors, to defend Knowledge, to protect one’s women and children, to guard one’s borders from the Enemy”….
And do Indians need a Narendra Modi to remind them of that simple truth ?



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  • This is the first article I have read in Sanskriti which I would prefer to call “idiotic”. I didnt read it fully. First two paragraphs are enough for a person to lose interest in it.

    Now coming to till where I read. Mahatma Gandhi was no God. Hindus are indeed polite, thats true. This politeness has often been mistaken as weakness. The writer, before writing such hopeless things, first go and read about Subhash Chandra Bose, ChandraShekhar Azad, Ram Prasad Bismil, Sachindranath Sanyal, Swami Vivekanand, Khudiram Bose, Surya Sen, and its a long list of brave Hindu fighters. The ignorant writer says there were very few fighters like Rani Laxmi Bai. Did you really forget about Mangal Pandey? CAn you name a muslim lady as brave as Rani Laxmi Bai? You forget the bravery tales of Tatya Tope, Kunwar Singh, and so many to name here? I feel you are some agent trying to defame HIndus.

    Just know this, that Hindus lost because we were disunited. The only country in this world which after being ruled by the mughals for 800 years had 80% of its population still retained as HIndus is INdia. Other countries like Persia were converted to Islamis c states within less than 30 years of Islamic invasion.

    Hitler praised the bravery of Subhash Chandra Bose. Who are you to call HIndus like that? I feel like complaining to the police against the author of this article. But I have many other works, I know these kind of low level works are not going to affect the morale of Hindus.
    \Go and read abt the Hindu soldiers fighting at the border. Sikhs comprise 20% of Indian army. Muslims 0.3%. Where from the rest 80% come? China?? I would also request Sanskriti to kindly check what they are publishing. Articles with facts must be published.

    • It is always preferred and highly advised to read the post/article COMPLETELY before posting comments or opinions! It applies here as well, please read it thoroughly and then comment again, otherwise what you are saying is just pure mindless fictional opinion/rant based on assumptions about a book that you judged by looking at it’s cover…

    • I wish you had understood the basic idea behind the article! The writer is encouraging you get up against the injusice meted out to Hindus by the Western educated Secularists. I don’t say West is waste for us because knowing about any culture and ways of life followed by others is always benficial. But surely following them blindly is not the answer at least in the field of science. About culture they surely can learn from us and I have seen many Americans are willing and eager to know our culture which gave birth to Buddha who is known and respected world over but not followed except by the displaced Tibbetans. And just see what we were before Ashoka,the Great, started following Buddhism. India was spread from Iran to Assam and down south. Slowly we lost all that and barbarians started ruling us and totally destroyed our culture and our scientific temperament. Now we are as orhodox as Islam or Christianity only believing in rituals and not the symbolic value of rituals. I am not blaming Buddhism but only pointing out that if we fail to rise in time we will not only lose our territory but also our values.And barbarity can only be conquerred by brute power of developed weapons and not by reasoning to theit human conscience as they have and had none. We have failed to do that over a long period and we are not willing to rise up even now. Wake up friend ! Don’t live in false ego. West has developed upon our zero and where are we? We are not even willing to let a great leader like NAMO work for us

    • Agree with you sir. The narrative of the oh so weak hindu is getting boring now. When islamic onslaught began on the outskirts of india, francois gautier europe had been completely overrun by Arabs. The mighty roman and persian empires were humbled and wiped out into oblivion. The mighty christians of europe are yet to take back the hagia sophia seat of roman catholic christians. Hindus not only survived but marathas ,sikhs had finished the mughal emipre before the Cunning white man took advantage of the power vacuum created by the third battle of panipat. In the first 700 years of islam they wiped cultures from turkey to central asia. Only real challenge was from Hindu India. Sir our civilisation is alive and kicking unlike the zorastrians. No islamic or european or american power has the guts to host Dalai Lama. Hell these brave white men seek chinas permission to even meet him. India is running a parallel gov in exile for them. We took goa from europe in 1960s when china waited till 1997 to take hong kong. Hindus you dont need certificate from these foreign agents for your bravery.

    • Ri8, the author might have been fanatic of Gandhi,the most stubborn and coward leader; millions of Hindus were murdered and raped by Muslim only for this Gandhi

  • I do follow most of your articles closely. I find most of them very informative and fascinating; however i found this one not to be in the same tone as others. This article is Judgemental, condescending & which leaves a bad after taste.

    Request you to keep articles in a neutral tone which is informative. One’s personal opinions will damage reputation of your website.

    • I totally agree with u, well said! Such articles will just instigate the gullable…i mean there may b more hatred towards certain stated races. I’m a Hindu yet i am saying this.

  • Shivansu….

    Correctly said that Sikh 20% of Indian army.. But dont forget sikh are 2% of the Indian population.. 90% of Indian population gives just handful of army people..

    And you are counting few heros(no doubt they are) who came forward from a population of 100 crores?
    If just 50% of people would have stood against Britishers, then they would have left India long back.

    And see here itself, you are willing to fight against a guy who has said things what Mahatma has said .. but even after knowing that there is “OWAISI” who is spreading hatred against Hindus.. you dont want to do anything,..
    check youtube.. you will find lot of things what he says.

  • Shrivastu & Raj …

    Please understand Mr. Gautier’s approach and tactics before responding. I suggest you research this academic before criticizing him. Please also note he never said that Hindus are cowards. He merely asked the question. I suspect that it is with the genuine desire to be refuted by actions on the part of Hindus in the future. He is not merely an academic but also an activist in his own way. I suspect his intent is to help psychologically shake up the Hindus and awaken them just like Shri Krishna in the BG to Arjuna.

  • Hello Author,

    You know nothing about Hindus you haven’t learnt anything about Hinduism.

    Thank You for wasting my time.

  • This article will be disliked by those in denial. This is the inconvenient truth and unless all the Indians get this through their minds and hearts, the situation may not change. It is ironic that with Al Queida and ISIS, we see history repeating itself with the world.

    It is easy to close your eyes to the problem, but hard to face and critically analyze it.

    I think we have a generation of Indians educated under left wing thinking, grown up as atheists who call themselves as modernist, and who look down on other nationalists and conservationists Indians.

    The only hope is with the current Modi government, if they can get thinkers together to make necessary fundamental changes to eduction, history, policies and law to reverse the process.

  • Thank you Mr Goutier I was reading Sanskriti for a long time and always used to ask the writer not to cry over what others did to us but why we failed to respond in equal measure ( I will go a step ahead and say that we should be so strong that the enemy will not dare rise against us and always wished to have good relations with us so that world remains a better place to live without fear because whatever we did we left the country we defeated to live their life as per their choice and never imposed our culture on any one. We don’t even feel to convert people to our ways.).Thanks Sanskriti and the writer

  • Now a white christian shit hole would tell us about our glorious history. What about yours when we kicked you out from our country, when your generals shot down by our freedom fighters, when you lost the 1st anglo maratha war. Hindus are the bravest, most civilized, kindest and most intelligent human breed on this earth and we dont need a failed scumbag of an unsocial and a failed christian religion.

  • What Hindus are today, is the inevitable consequence of the varna system. They are not cowards.

    The varna system enjoined the task of fighting primarily on the kshatriyas, and thereby demilitarised the nation. This is unlike the muslims, who are in origin and theology, a nation at arms …

    In spite of this, apparently non-kshatriya hindu volunteers fought unpaid, in many wars against the invaders, financed by the proceeds from yarn spun by their women, or earnings from their labour.

    The south that escaped the strict rule of varna system, and the north east, is where the Muslim met their maximum resistance… The telangs and kannadas harassed even the Bahmanis, till hasan started slaughering civilian by the lakhs … In the north east, the armies of mohammad tughlaq were beaten back by men armed with bamboo sticks in Nepal, and slaughered by Ahoms while trying to retreat across the swollen rivers … only ten escaped … Assam was the last fortress of Bharat against Islam …

    In spite of their demilitarisation, Hindus found myriad ways to wreak vengeance on the invaders, albeit in anarchic ways. Ghazni was misled into the rann of kutch by civilian volunteers … At least two of the sultans, including Razia were assasinated by hindus … according to some reports … there are repeated references to Hindu villagers and communities setting on the which muslim side was losing in power struggles and slaughter them to the last man …

    The problem with varna system is that it ensured that the mass of the Hindus were used to letting others rule and fight for them … because of this, they have a weak sense of participatory citizenship and self defense even to this day …

  • The article is a perfect introspection for every Hindu, irrespective of caste and creed. In Army no caste, creed, Varna, Dharma are considered. Although some of the stupid politicians often shout for reservation in Army! Secondly the country has changed Varna time to time. Now we should forget this system and make people more courageous and brave. One who speak of Jati/Dharma (caste/religion), should be put behind the bar. Such strong action can only save the honor of our beloved India. Swami Vivekananda told–“Arise Awake and be not Cowards”.
    Let’s follow the Brave Monk.

  • In my opinion Hindus are not cowards but have been living in denial for many many years that their religion cannot be destroyed. They had a similar faith that the rives Ganges cannot be polluted ! The articles appeals to Hindus to Arise and Awake, do not live on old laurels. Nothing more.

  • What i feel that Hindus are confused, to fight one needs a strong and focused mind and heart. and Hindus become confused because of various religious paradoxical doctrines mixed up in their culture. This is because Hindus have been totally got out of touch with their own religious concepts.. but one thing is for sure that Hindus are not cowards.. it is like anvil and hammer.. We are like anvil, many hammers are broken on us.. and History is the proof of this..

  • Hindus are very polite and soft people and the fact that the Hindu religion has no set of codes makes it more loosely against Islam which is a set of codes making it strong and united. Both these are like mathematics and history. We should not be comparing these two as religions. It is true that Muslims bully in the country and it is important that Hindus stand up against Muslims and object to things that are objectionable to Hindus. Their politeness should not be taken as weakness. And also I being a Muslim myself respect Hindus and India and feel that Muslims with their views also are becoming anti national and anti social wanting to have their own laws and rules. India should be kept above everything and state must be respected. India is a special place and Indianism should come before everything.

  • Events and incidents that has taken place in the past have shaped up in an intricate manner the future course of a nation and its people. Here, India’s unmatched history is drawn up with a terrible line of foreign invaders of brute and dark forces. Starting with the Moguls, the Huns and other wandering nomadic tribes that had came in on horseback with winging swords in hands and later dominated Hindu ethos and identity replaced with theirs’ by force and oppression. As much as in a same manner when the colonizers came in by ships loaded with guns and ammunition,they had one thing in common and that is only to carry on their wide-scale of destruction and organised booty. Such long line of untold history had brought forth an inner change in the minds of the people after been subjected to barbaric brutalities of sheer bloodbaths, rapes and countless crimes committed against an ancient race of people—Hindus. It’s not due to cowardice or fear of death but the underlying dharmic principles inculcated by Hindu kingdoms have forbidden them from any act of violence or war….”Dharmo Rashita Rashitay”

  • Not only cowards but very miserly, like your website which does not even have copy option though you publish other’s works freely.

  • worth reading, and time for introspection we are not getting things right….we plan to fight with a stick while they plan to kill with bombs and AK. We still believe in politics how absurd and naive our thoughts are when they are planning to slit our throats. We choose ignore in our own stupidity. we got the whole f*****g thing wrong. The time is right for us to answer that question “are hindus cowards?”

  • He was a gay,male chauvinistic and a big coward who used the mass as a sheild.the people are unfortunate enough.

  • This is a nonsensical article. It attempts to glorify India by decrying Nehru and Muslims. Every country in the world fell to Islamic hordes within decades. It took 900 years for an Islamic dynasty of consequence to take root. Cowards cannot do that. In the last 250 years, the Kshathriyathvum has been destroyed by creating martial races as seen by the British– all races that helped the British in their Colonization. Gandhi destroyed it even further with the non-violence movement eulogizing Ahimsa for the wrong reason.

  • In western christian and jewish media the POLICY is to write about Hindu terrorism. The same christian and jewish media do not write about christian terrorism or muslim terrorism.
    They are not writing based on facts, but on policy. Their policy is to make hindus look bad, to attack hindus, to attack India. The media owners have a pact with muslim arabs, the rich ones living in the sand. In return for oil, u attack India. And they want to make sure that India does not rise up to a powerful nation. It has to look bad.

    All terrorism against hindus by the muslims and christians, you will never hear about it in their media.

    It is all about power and money.

  • What hindus have to understand is that they are being attacked by muslim terrorism and christian terrorism from the west.

    all the hindu bashing in the media, that is from the west.

    all the attacks on Modi, that is from the west. Hindu nationanalism, what is that? But western christians call Modi like that. They find it very normal that they can have and appreciate their own western, christian white culture and religion and demand from everybody on the planet to follow their way of life.

    But if indians appreciate their own religion in their own country than it is called hindu nationalism.
    The christian white media is terrorising and attacking hindus on their belief.
    they write things like India is now writing its own history books. Oh, that means according to their colonial and caste system , white aryan and the rest are slaves, Indians are not allowed to write books, they need to have permission of the almighty white god who is aryan and wants to rule the world and dictate what indians are allowed to think and feel.

    the real bullying and terrorism on hindu civilisation and religion is from christians and muslim.

    both wants to rule the world.

  • If we consider the society as a whole, then right from the beginning, a significant portion of the population were just Vyshays and Shudras, who were ruled by Brahmanas and Kshatriyas. Only a small portion of the population have warrior mentality and others act like sheep being herd. In modern times, hardly any true Brahmana left to guide the society and the Kshatriyas are weaponless and without any authority to protect others. Now murderers are hacking people to death in broad day light, and the on-lookers just watch without doing anything, even if the murderer is just a single person and the victim is a woman. If people can’t defend a woman against one guy what will they do, when a fanatic mob comes to burn down neighbourhoods. Even people who have the authority like the police, run away and don’t stop them.

  • Historically India is the only place apart from Spain that Islam was militarily subdued – by the Marathas and Sikhs. And even with British colonialism, so many fought and sacrificed their lives before independence was achieved by clever use of non-cooperation (psychological violence). So it is not so much that Hindus (and Jains and Sikhs) are cowards, but that the history has been narrated so – first by the English and then by the Marxists. And today you don’t need a beefy body and swords to fight – when mangalyaan was launched there was a photo of indian women scientists who were involved in the lauch. These sari clad curd rice with pickles eating middle aged women with technology today can incinerate indefinitely more enemies than any beef eating jihadi. The world has changed and old paradigms are irrelevant now.


  • Great article,factual and spot on. Hindus have been massacred , their women enslaved as sex commodity repeatedly over the centuries. They perhaps were not wiped out becuase of Sikhs and a few courageous leaders. That apart its been a a “rape” of Hinduism by others including Hindus themselves. Hindus have not learnt from history- Ghengis Khan-Mugals-Britishers- Arabs and quisling Hindus. Wars were lost because quislings amongst Hindus preferred to lend their women, wealth and open rear doord of Forts just for individual “‘perks””. This goes on even now. Those who dont leant from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • From most of the comments , one thing is clear. The problem the Hindus have continues- perpetual denial of reality. Where in history of manking will one see a miniscule Nation bleeding a much bigger nation and actually playing with them like tigers play with their prey before the kill? Unless we have the courage to realise accept the problem we can never solve it- thein lies the conundrum. All the hogwash of peaceloving, etc etc is a sign of this cowardice. But hopefully times are changing.

  • Dont agree no community race can be termed as weak coward when pushed to a corner a small rat would too show its teeth for its survival .See Jews hounded and persecuted mistreated from centuries by different communities and religions ,now in twentieth century realised that there is no way out but to fight and survive the on slaught of Islam making the best fighting entity in the world surrounded by hostile nations they give back and more as they get. Hindus too are a fighting force the valour of Kumaonese Garhwalis Marathas jats Rajputs Thambis is written in golden worlds in the history books penned by the British narrating their bravery feats during the 1& 2nd WW.

  • Bharath (now-a-days india) is a democratic country from the first an beginning so there are wide variety of thoughts , variety of histories and thus the tastes, behaviour and what you look or read/notice from depends on your intellectuality and your sense of understanding. So always look back before any writing because your a author and that too having a worldly approach. Always study the entire subject not just a part. Coming to the one who told “Muslims are bullies and hindus are cowards”, he himself was in fickle states in some situations by the history. So he is not a standard to say upon.