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Living Legend Treats Cancer With Ayurvedic Remedies

Popularly known as Vaidya Narayana Murthy, from a small village called Narasipura which is around 50 km from Shimoga, Karnataka, India, excels in helping thousands of patients ailing from different diseases, from kidney stones to heart diseases to different kinds of cancers.

Murthy,  a 60 years old farmer, carries the age-old tradition of Ayurvedic treatment with the help of some NGOs. Every Sundays and Thursdays people from various parts of Southern India start to queue up in front of his house early in the morning. With the help from his family and aides, Murthy serves his patients. On these days, he treats around 600 to 700 patients troubled by different diseases.

Murthy listens intently for a minute or two before disposing medicines for 15 to 30 days depending on the ailment, free of charge. The source of his medicines is primarily from different kinds of plants and herbs which he personally collects from forest during particulars days of the week (woody stems, roots, and barks). The patient needs to take these medicines with specific dietary instructions. Sometimes Murthy asks for certain lab reports if the patient has them. Narayana Murthy is the last ray of hope for many terminally ill patients suffering from cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory problems. It is not mandatory for the patient to come to collect the medicine as relatives or friends can also collect the medicine fortnightly or monthly with lab reports or signs and symptoms of the illness.

Murthy’s expertise in treating cancer, kidney stones, and heart block has left everyone astonished.  Just a day’s worth of prescription gives unbelievable results for heart blocks and kidney stones.

His treatment for certain kinds of cancer has yielded excellent results. These patients need to take 6-8 months of treatment, but certainly has been very effective.

It has been more than 25 years since Murthy started serving the people and he never expects anything in return or sought any attention or publicity.

In the age of globalization and the allopathic mode of treatment for every disease, somone taking up the task of helping thousands of people without any expectation is highly commendable. For diseases like cancer and coronary artery disease, the comman man cannot afford to have good treatment due to lack of healthcare insurance availability.

Murthy is no longer accepting phone calls but no prior appointment or any sort of contact is required to see him. Treatment is absolutely free and service is provided on first-come-first-serve basis starting early morning  from 7am every Sundays and Thursdays.


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  • Power of INDIA and this article must be posted in every magazine all over the world…Especially in our INDIA

  • Great Initiative by a philanthropist , long live, his services are good for humanity,

    Vaidya Narayana Murthy Sir please teach about your medicines to known people so that people can carry on from your Shoulders

  • Unfortunately this noble souls are not given their due admiration, respect & recognition still, they work relentlessly to serve the humanity.

  • No doubt he is a legend. But Indian government should take proper steps to makes sure to document all his knowledge. Preferably in his own words and writings. Life is worth a treasure.

  • Great Seva to mankind who cannot afford to spend money and also
    Last resort help to patients who tried allopathy and suffering still.
    Hats off to Vaidhya Narayanan murthy,!!!

  • my mother is suffering from tongue and neck cancer she got surgery and radiation but its recuuring i went last week Mr. Narayan murthi gaaru and got the medicine we hope my mother will recover. I forgot to ask Mr murthi whether she can take english medicine like pain killers and injections along with ayurveda please suggest me if any one knows this thing and in the priscription mentioned that TEA should be avoid but i am suspecting milk can be taken or not please if any body knows this please give me suggestion.

    • It would be best if you contacted Mr. Murthy to get the right answer to your query. Please feel free to contact him at: (+91) 08183 258033.

      Best of luck and we wish your mother a speedy recovery.

  • Yes even i too benefitted from his medicines.but since last 2months forest department has stopped him from collecting medicine from forest.this reward for doing free and selfless service.karnataka government should give permission

    • Hello ,

      My brothers son just 34 years is suffering from Neuro endocrine tumor of primary in stomach, ands lots of secondary metastasis in Liver
      He is in USA undergoing chemotherapy and suffering due to continuous problems ozf liver mets

      Can any one tell if Dr murthyjis treatment can help this type of cancer

  • Today my brother and co-brother visited the greatman’s place to collect medicine for my son’s cancer treatment
    Thanks for his devotion to distribute medicine in night time also.

    • Hi
      Is he giving treatment now ?
      Can u guide me the address.
      I am from Hyderabad and wanted treatment for breast cancer for my grandmother aged 78.

  • sir, my name is mallesh yadav Gajji. i am 57 years old, iam suffering from chronic liver disease with portal hypertension (liver cirrhosis ) ascites in abdomen.. (fluid in abdomen) loss of appetite. jaundice . liver shrunken in size. ( 8 litres water removed from stomach ) i request you if their is any medicine for liver cirrhosis in ayurvedam.. or does narayana murthy sir give medicine for liver cirrhosis ——urgent .. patient is in serious condition
    my number 09966674921

    • Mr Mallesh Yadav,

      Although this article is about Sri Narayana Murthy, I you have not been able to reach him you can also get in touch with Dr. R. Raghavan from Kochi. I am sure you will find a solution there.
      His website is http://www.Dathathreya-ayurveda.com and phone is +91-9447662367 and yes he treat complex incurable diseases and liver problems including lever scerosis.

      If you have been able to be intouch with Sri Narayana Murthy, Kindly share the results you have expereinced, so it can benefit many other people, and they will be thankful to you.

      Best Wishes.

  • Hi Sir,
    My Mom had lung cancer which was operated last year (May 2014) . She was given with chemo therapy for 6 times for stopping re-occurence. Unfortunately it re-occured at brain(May 2015). Now they say the cancer is in advance stage and there is no cure.

    Is there any medicine to cure this? Please let us know.

  • My wife age 42 year suffering 4th stage colan cancer now shift to lung s, after colan surgery, radio therapy &26 chemo, she is not cure.now cancer is advanc stage,is Mr Murthy medicine cure my wife

    • Please contact Mr. Murthy at 91-08183-258033 to get more information. Best of luck and we wish your wife a speedy recovery.

  • We are planning to visit Mr.Murthy regarding my mothers advanced lung cancer.
    Kindly let us know if he is giving the medicine???

    • Please contact Mr. Murthy at 91-08183-258033 to get more information. Best of luck and we wish your mother a speedy recovery.

  • Sir the number given 08183 258033 is not connecting, kindly see if this is the correct number or any alternate number is available .

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

  • I am down with epilepsy, can anyone tell? Is Vaidya Murthyjee’s herbs work for it ?? I am taking allopathic medicine now, but it has many side effects. Please guide

  • The number of Mr.Murthy which was given by you is not reachable. Kindly give the current number or address and also bus route from Salem Tamilnadu.

  • dear sir,my uncle have p[robelm onekidney failure beacuse similraly its convert to cancer.in stomach some stone is their.bt its comes infection and its goes kidney failure and now is cancer effect.wht we do sir give me suggestion

  • My mobile number is 9748212250 anyone who wants to go to Dr Narayana Murthy can call me, I will guide you. Im from kolkata. My name is Farhan Ahmed and my mail id is farhanfami@gmail.com. ì m gettin my father treated by him. Im going again on 24 august .

  • I am a type 2 diabetic patient since 2007. my name is Ritesh does dr. murthy gives medicines for diabetis. my mobile number is 9342199380.

  • sir my brother suffering from blood cancer( multiple myloma) iam already concult MR BV NARAYANA he from BOLWAR , PUTTUR, D.K
    He give 3 months course after he cured well , but docters want BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT This cost of 5 lakhs
    so sir what can i do? pls tell me and save life
    if you Want speak with me pls call this num 9959905515 i will call back

  • Hello All ,

    I am going to get medicine for the heart from Sri narayana murthy for my neighbour , If anybody need info please let me know whatsapp or call nine nine eight nine six four seven five zero three . lets help people together and make them smile

  • Sir, kindly inform whether treatment is there for NEUROENDOCRINE TUMOR ? Kindly get it clarified from the living GOD so that i could plan to visit him for my beloved wife

  • Sir, can anyone please let me know whether Vaidya Narayanamurthy is giving medicines even now? Somewhere they have mentioned that he was restricted from getting medicines from forest. Thanks.

  • Yes he is giving medicine on thursday and sunday ,, i been there last sunday to get medicine for my neighbour for his heart condition ,, there are lot of people coming for various problems and i got a good feed back from the people who coming there from long time ,,

  • Sir, My uncle have 2 kitny problem. It s possible to cure in narayanamuty anantha pura treatment can any one reply sir . I do no about this

  • Dear sir
    my husband as been diagnosed as ITP. From past 1 year, and his platelets, and his platelets will always been ranging from 5000 to 8000, avg, sometimes even it comes as low as 3000, presently he is taking allopathy, but of no improvement,
    can you suggest any ayurvedic treatment is there from your center,

  • My mother is suffering from tongue cancer, please can any body do let me know, is he providing medicines these days, because I’m planning to visit this week to murthi sir .

  • Sir ,

    my father is 65 yrs old and got colon cancer, already under gone colon surgery and given chemo for 6 times. and with in 5 months his liver also infected with cancer. and he was given chemo for 3 times. but now the doctor said his case becomes critical and he is in final stage and cant give chemo anymore. they given chemo tablets for 1 month. is there any possibility to cure my father and make his life span more.

  • My mother is suffering from 4 months of lymphoma and not improved by English medicine is there any treatment for this please informe to 9945135183

  • My mother was diagnosed with colon CA with metastasis to the lung. Currently, she is hospitalized and the doctors are saying other than conservative treatment, there is not much option to treat her. I don’t want to see her suffer. I would like to visit Shri. Vaidhya Narayana Murthy and try his medicine for my mother. I am from Bangalore. I have never been to Shivamogga district. If there is anybody from Bangalore who would like to visit him, we can probably go together. Please contact me at the earliest – 9986991816.

  • Sir, I am from Bangalore, My mother is suffering from Brain Cancer (4th Stage) and there is no improvement by English Medicine. She is very weak and left leg & left hand is not working. It is very complicated. As soon as possible we have to visit Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy and try his medicine for my mother. Sir My Contact No : Preetham – 9741366034.

  • sooo many diseases n only one remedy to get rid from all . am talking of doing PRANAYAM daily . a healthy person can do it for half an hour daily to stay healthy always .
    if smne is suffering from a specific disease, then its recommended that he /she do pranayam for 1 hour daily twice .
    ramdev baba has given a wonderful package of doing pranayam daily n there r 7 main pranayams . but if a person does the main 2 i.e KAPALBHATI n ANULOM VILOM , its also enough .

    by doing pranayam for 1 hr daily along with taking some ayurvedic medicines from PATANJALI , even cancer is 99 % curable .

    doing pranayam is a v easy technique . can learn from videos of ramdev baba on youtube .

    its more scientific also with the concept of DO n GET . there is no mystery .

  • My mother is suffering from colon cancer. Surgery is done and removed cancer tumor from large intestine and did colostomy. But Dr. explained us like already it spread to liver and it’s in 4th stage need to go for advanced chemotherapy please suggest me where we need to go. Is this curable from ayurvedic medicine please suggest mail ID: preetam1529@gmail.com. When we need to meet Vaidhy Murthy is there any appointment needed pls suggest

  • Hi,
    My Father-in-law is suffering from “Nasopharyngeal Cancer”. Does Mr.Narayana Murthy provide medicine for this type of cancer?

    Does he give medicine only on thursday and sunday?

    Please do reply its urgent.

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

  • cannabis oil cure cancer i was cancer patient before i met (druwagbale@gmail.com) on the net which i was curious seaching for cancer cure and i orther for cannabis oil from him and really i was cure, so if you are willing to cure your canver contact (druwagbale@gmail.com) he will send it to it and i promise you that you will be cured cos i tested it. so hurry to contact him on his email (druwagbale@gmail.com) thank you

  • Hi Sir, My name is Vishnu 21 years old, Please let me know is Narayana Murhty Sir treats for jaundice also or not? Why because i’m suffering with jaundice since last 5 years. Every 3 to 4 months i’m getting affected with jaundice and will get treatment and that time only it will cured but after 3 to 4 months again i will get affecting with jaundice. I consulted many doctors but no permanent solution. Please suggest.

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

  • My wife (25years) is suffering from lung cancer. Doctors says it is in final stage. They have given first chemo theorophy. But for second chemo therophy her body is not responding. Now she is in very week condition. She is depending on oxigen cylender. Mr. Murthy sir will give the medicine for my wife? What can I do? Plz give ur advise.

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

  • URGENT ———INFORMATION NEEDED …….Any one got cured from lung cancer from 4th stage? My uncle suffering from lung cancer. he is counting his day. pls give me some information who got cured from any doctor….., allopathy can not cure this…., any alternative effective remedy for this. pls help me to save his life and email me …, vazeerdce@gmail.com

  • My son, 9 years old has Autism. It is a neurological disorder by birth. Child will have speech,communication, socialisation, learnig and other related disabilities.Modern science still not able to know the cause and cure. Does Dr.Narayana Murthy is giving any medicine for Autism? If anyone knows or has taken medicines from him for Autism, please let me know immediately. My number is – 9969189945 ( Ramya ) . It will help thousands of innocent kids suffering from Autism.

  • My father is suffering from colon cancer stage 3. Kindly advice after taking your medicine should he do go for surgery and colostomy.

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

  • Dear Sir
    I am Stella 37 years from tamilnadu.I have hand figure joint pain for last 1year.Dr.said I have Rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation. They also said its affect ingcthe kidney and the protein value is high around 1000mg in 24 hours.
    If I come there can I get medicine for this R.A.problem
    Write now I take steroid tablets and i have lit of side effects
    Thank you verymuch

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

  • urgent.
    my brother is suffering from cancer 4th stage at left cheeks. He has undergone radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

    again cancer is identified at throat.
    in lungs there is white spot as per pets can and doctors have advised to carryout biopsy in lungs to for confirmation.
    kindly suggest

    • Sri Vaidhya Narayana Murthy no longer takes any personal calls, you can reach him personally by visiting his place. There is no other way to contact him.

      Wishing you the very best.

  • My uncle suffering from pancreas&livercancer his age is now 75 doctors suggested that it is 4 stage please suggest us for better treatment.

  • Shri Narayan Murthy,

    My mother aged 62 is suffering from cancer of ovary & stomach. She has been given 8 cycles of chemotherapy since September 2015 till now. How can we contact you as we have heard a lot about your healing way of Ayurvedic treatment.

    My contact-
    M- 09953091384
    email id- pushkinjain@gmail.com
    Location- Bangalore

    Best Regards,
    Pushkin Jain

    • Sorry to hear about your mother. Please note that he is no longer taking calls and can only be seen in person.

      Best of luck!

    • Request you to please delete my query as my mother is no more & I keep on receiving calls from various families of cancer patient seeing my no on your website.

  • Hello,

    Just want to know if Vaidhya Narayana Murthy still follows the same schedule (Thu and Sun) for giving cancer medicine? We are planning to visit on 2/28 and want to check before we leave from Pune.

    Thank you!

  • My mother is suffering from brain cancer stage 4 (glioblastoma). Please suggest if there is any treatment for this? We have done surgery after which we did radiation followed by TMZ but later the tumour is again growing. Please help, we are totally devastated.

    • Sorry to hear about your mother. Please note that he is no longer taking calls and can only be seen in person.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Aditi
      How is your mother doing now. My mother has also been diagnosed to have a similar problem.
      They suggest to go for a biopsy followed by Radiations.
      Did you tried medicine from Dr Mutthi. Was it effective. Pls let me know. This information would be of great help.
      Best regards

  • Hi ,

    my father is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 2 yrs , mr.narayana murhty is giving any medicen for this ?
    Kindly let me know …urgent

  • my sister is suffering from hyper thyroid since 4 years.. We tried so many madicines like alopatic, ayurveda, homeopathic but, no use… So, yesterday we heard about Dr. Narayana Murthy sir. i’m not getting his adress. We from kerala. Can I get the adress please

  • my son in law K.R. Shankar aged 3 years from sivakasi – Tamilnadu suffered by ALL type blood cancer. He was taking chemotheraby on october 2015 at madurai. After that he was not co-operating to take chemotheraby. Now from january 15th on wards he suffered by ferver, hand & led pain. Can I came & meet Mr. Narayana Murthy without patient or Must come with patient, becouse he was haveing no health condition for long travelling. Kindly reply urgently confirm sir meet on tuesday or thursday. our maild id ravikumar_traders@rediffmail.com conduct no.9360010075

  • Hi,

    My son is 3 years old and he has deafness in one ear and he has glasses too .Is there any solution available in ayurvedic?

  • Please provide contact details. I am from Andhra Pradesh and this information is really important for me. Its an emergency, please provide complete address and contact details of Vaidya Narayana Murthy Sie

  • I need guidance from any of you who has recovered from Cancer after using vaidya narayananmurthy’s medicines.

    1. Shelf life of the medicine
    2. Is it to be stored in a refrigerator for longer shelf life?
    3. One course is 3 pkts. for nine days each. Is it enough or we have to consume more. Is it the same medicine for subsequent courses? Do you need to leave a gap between each course?
    4. Any other contact no for their office

  • hi one and all, i have bought the medicines from narayan murthy ji yesteray for my mother i just forgot to ask him whether this medicine can be taken with chemo and radiation or not. as my mother has completed her chemo n now she is started radiations

  • can anybody here please clarify me whether narayan murthy ji medicine can b taken along with radiations or not? plz do reply asap

  • Hi Manohar,

    I am going to visit Narayan Murtyji on this weekend. Please provide your contact number I will ask him about you.

    My contact number is 9762750730

    Please feel free to contact me.

  • My mother cause ovary cancer 3rd stage … Chemotherapy give 15cycles nearly 3 years recently we started narayan murty medicien … But she had problem not prevent vomtings even drink water total vomting … Please give me solution sir… She not eating drinking sir… Please give sugestion sir prevent vomtings… Please sir…

  • I am planning to travel to this place on this weekend. My mother is suffering with low Platelet count frequently. Its dropping down to 30000. And also WBC counters are less along with low Haemoglobin percentile.

    She is basically diabetic since 15 years and she had 2 – 3 limb amputations and now she is suffering with Leg Ulcers. Wounds are not healing at all since around 5-6 months.

    Doctors are saying that her body is not even supporting continuous antibiotics also. She became very weak.

    My Query is Dr. Narayana Murthy sir, will take care of only CANCER related treatments or any kind of other treatments also. Please leave your suggestions, comments and opinions for better results.

    Expecting all your whole hearted wishes to my mother for her speedy recovery.

    Thank you,

  • Can i get his address to get treatment to my close poor friend. How to go his place and meet him.
    Please healp us

  • hi,
    i am having 8 year old M.R. Kid with high hyperactive. He is able to walk with others support and speaks 2-3 words. And he is also suffering from eye problem (iris coloboma ) .Please let me know any one is Dr. Narayan murthy will help us in this regard. Awaiting any ones help inthis regard

  • Hi All,

    My self am Sunil Reddy from Hyderabad. my father is suffering from Lung Cancer 4th stage from Past two years. we are using Dr. narayana Murthy Medicine from past 18 months if any need any information about this medicine please feel free to contact me.

    Sunil Reddy

    • Hi Sunil,

      Do you see any improvement with your Dad’s health. How often you visit the place?
      Is it fine even if the patient is not present?

  • Dear Friends,

    Nice to see that many postings here. I would like to encourage you to post your experiences after using the medicine, that helps a lot to the people who needs his medicine and can take it with more confidence so that it is easy cure. Please do share your experiences whether it works or not and whatever the disease it is.

  • Hi,

    We are planning to visit MR . Narayana Moorthy and we have heard something is went wrong and he stopped giving medicines now. Is it true. Can you please confirm.


  • Cancer free for all.cure your cancer effect,treatment and to be off from the ailment entirely.giving you a chance to live healthy.responses are received


  • I heard a lot about Mr. Narayan Murthy on the chemotherapy. But in any of article I didn’t see that he gives medicine for paralysis. Can you please let me know if he is giving medicine to treat paralysis.
    If yes then I can plan to take the same for my father.

    • for paralisis there is ayurveda cure
      Dr pitchayya chowdary
      kovelakuntla village
      kurnool dist
      Andhra pradesh
      it is near to kurnool
      100% cure there
      plz go

  • My mom is diagnosed with stage 4 triple negative breast cancer and doctors have ruled out chemo since she is already suffering from an existing autoimmune condition and wheel chair bound from last 8 years. We spoke to Sunil on this forum and got the medicine from Narayan Murthy sir last week and started the medication. Will keep the progress posted.

    Is anyone tracking their progress with HCG tests?

    • Hi Jyoti,

      My relative is also suffering from stage 4 triple negative breast cancer from past two years and it got spread to other parts. Doctors stopped treatment as it reached very advanced stage. The only hope is see now is Narayana Murthy sir. So it would be great if you can reply/mail (ur_tameem@yahoo.co.in) me the treatment process and how to take appoinment to visit narayana murthy sir. Thanks.

  • Dear all,

    I had been to dr.vaidhya narayan murty for my dad’s treatment. i don’t know weather this treatment will work or no. But I m hoping for the best result. And one more thing while visiting his place make sure u take umbrella, mat swater torrch compulsory. Bcoz u have no facility of anything. And one more thing he gives only medicine for one person. If u have 2 different repot then 2 person should go. Please don’t go on reviews if someone says they will deliver the medicine. Individual go and collectt this is my suggestion.

  • I am Senthil Kumar from Chennai
    Suffering from kidney stone(uric acid stone) operated twice but still I have same problem, I suffered a lot with severe pain.kindly can any one say whether Mr.Narayan Murthy Sir will treat me& also is there treatment for such type of hard stones?pls answer.

  • Hi Jyoti,

    My relative is also suffering from stage 4 triple negative cancer and it got spread to others parts also. Doctors told there is no treatment at this stage as it is very advanced stage. I do see some hope after reading about narayana murthy sir. Can you write to my email ur_tameem@yahoo.co.in on how you took the appointment of Narayana murthy sir and how is the treament going on? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi, Anyone is taking treatment from Narayana Murthy Sir for Triple negative Breat Cancer? If any one planning to visit Sir , can you please check with him and let me know. Its very urgent.Thanks.

  • Hi Syed,
    I have replied on your email id. We got the medicine last month and planning to go again this month. As I mentioned in my earlier post, mom already has a compromised immune system so chemo is out of question for her. I am trying alternative medicines from all sources. She is currently taking Simaruba, soursop , Gomutra, ayurvedic medicines etc, I can list them out if anyone is interested.It has become a huge list and poor mom obediently takes them all. She is not aware of the cancer, just thinks it is a lump which needs operation if left untreated.
    Anyone trying B17 ?

    • Jyothi, Please share the complete list to my email address milindgothi AT GMAIL DOT COM

      I am looking for this exactly since a long

    • Hey can u list what all you give your mother for cancer .. as my mom is diagnosed with a malignant lung tumor and I’m thinking about alternative treatments

  • Dear Sir,

    My brother is suffering with varicose veins ulcer lot of paining in nerves and in wound.

    could you have treatment ? could you arrange address details and contact no and to reach vaidy Narayana murthy

  • Respected sir,

    i am suffering from headache some one said its migrain another one said its synus is there any medicine

  • Dear Sir,
    This is Kannan from Kumbakonam. My mom suffering on Cancer. We planned to meet Dr.murthy on tjis Thursday. Is ia possible to meet and treatment or need to some on some other day. Please advice.

  • Hi, my mother is suffering with parkinsons for last 5years and she has been told to continue english medicine (alopathy) forever..i want to if i can consult dr. narayana murthy for my mother’s health issue? Has anyone got cured parkinsons disease. Please share your experience/thoughts.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi All,
    If Any one tried medicine from Vaidya murthy for cancer and still didnt get any improvements,
    please contact us .we are from bangalore and we provide effective medicne for Cancer for any stage .
    even last stage patient had improved their quality of life and life expectancy from our medicine.
    Its purely made from Cow urine where you will be able to see improvements in couple of months.
    if any one interested for further details reach out to us at kul.shri4@gmail.com or 9916625001

  • Sir iam mahadevan from karaikkudi tamilnadu my father suffering on brain tumer i need Mr Narayan moorthy adress pls help me any body

  • my mother is suffering from GE junction cancer… she had gone her 5 chemo therapy. but unfortunately their is no progress in her health… Either way i managed to get the narayan murthy medicine can i take the medicine with on going chemo therapy course ?

  • This is really extraordinary. I hope the Karnataka Govt sends somebody to document the treatment given by him so that Ayurvedic doctors can continue the treatment in future. Perhaps, the Kerala govt. may be more interested. Shimoga is a big town on the route from Bangalore to Mangalore and is easily accessible. Once there, it should be easy to locate Narsipur and the doctor would be well known to everybody.

  • Hi sir I have bought the medicine in the month of November still I have not been used it does it has any expiry date


  • Dear All,

    Although this is an article about Sri Narayanan Murthy, would like to share a Siddha Dr by the name of Dr.V.M.Jayabalan of Agasthiyar Universal Trust (R) who is specialized in cancer treatment. He is based in Bangalore and his family has been treating cancer for many generations. He can be contacted at +91 8025302349. Kindly post your experiences here. Thank you.

  • Good Morning Ji,

    1. My sister is undergoing medical treatment with your centre for UTRESS CANCER (STAGE-4) with effect from Apr 2017.

    2. After taking second time medicine from you, heavy bleeding.

    3. Request confirm whether the medicine can be continued or not.

  • Hi Sir,

    My uncle is suffering from Stomach cancer. Last week he undergone with surgery and 2 and half kg tumor was removed. Also they said it is in 3rd stage and digesting system(large entrail or gut) was removed from stomach. They said life time of max 5 years at this stage. now doctors suggest to go with Radiatherapy and chemo. Please help us you are able cure the cancer at this stage. Please help us sir

    • Please visit youtube and type “purtier cancer” and there are lot of testimonials. I saved my uncle from stage 4 stomach cancer from jaws of death, it is expensive but it works. if you need any assistance please contact me at 006594598715 WA

  • pls tell me any body here who is cured the cancer by using sri.murthy”s herbal medicine.. am also a cancer patient….

  • Sir/Madam my name is SUKEERTH and I am suffering from EPILEPSY (FITS) from past 29 years still no cure My Question is Vaidya Narayana Murthy sir CURES EPILEPSY (FITS) ? If YES Then please provide his full postal address with Landmarks so I can go to his place and take treatment.
    My Email Address :- maani179@gmail.com
    My Mobile Number :- 8892230487
    Please send the details I asked to the above mentioned email address or phone number. Waiting for your reply SUKEERTH

    • Its Near Shimoga district,Karanataka.
      Once you reached shimoga,you take bus from bus stand to anandpura.
      There are many Auto rikshaws from Anandpura to Narsipuram.
      its about six kilometers.

      His medicine really works good.I am taking it for my mother.Best luck and go ahead…
      if anything other information please feel free to talk to me on 9673073279.
      or my email :sandeepkulkarni3@hotmail.com

      • Hi,

        I am Chetan from Pune, my mother is suffering from 1st stage breast cancer. May I know anyone who got treatment at first stage and recovered completely without operation.
        Please reply to my mail chetan.t64@gmail.com or call me @ 8310649249.
        Your reply is highly appreciated.

        Thank you.