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Healing the Vedic way

Healing the Vedic way

The Vedas are not only meant for the performance of rituals, and are not only the property of Hindus. They offer great wisdom and knowledge to all of humanity. These can be employed towards the promotion of health and prosperity, and for longevity and sound and peaceful mind for all.

Here we have to ask ourselves, what IS healing? That is, what is ill health, what is good health, and what is the process from the first to the second. I can say, from my spiritual vision, and my masters’ teaching, that ill health, whether physical or mental, is essentially the occurrence of a gap, or an imbalance, in one’s being. And healing, the process or act of filling this gap or imbalance with the appropriate energy or substance, bringing wholeness. In accordance of the nature of this gap. It is actually part of the nature of our physical embodiment that an imbalance occurs as soon as we are born on this earth.

Thus healing is something nature can do for us, or we can do ourselves. But from the earliest stages of the evolution of humanity some individuals, through vision, training and commitment, have dedicated their lives to help their fellow human beings along the path to healing, which is literally, wholeness. It is the aim of the healer to identify the nature of the gap, as well as to decide on the appropriate energy or substance to fill it with.

There can be no doubt about the immeasurable achievements of Western, science based medicine. At the same time it has become obvious in the last few decades that the bias towards material and factual reality of this science leaves considerable areas of human reality untouched. Its materialistic approach has been shown to be superficial and limited. Physical reality or existence is the lowest level of the creation, consisting of only the five Mahabhuta or gross Elements, Earth (Prithivi), Water (Apas), Fire (Tejas), Wind (Vayu) and Ether (Akasha). The entire creation is consists of many layers of energy beings and subtle principles. Each having their own character and function. For incarnated, that is, embodied, human beings, the Vedic doctrine distinguishes three main layers or sheaths, called koshas in Sanskrit. These three are known as the Ananda Maya Kosha, which is the spiritual or transcendental body; the Vijnana Maya Kosha, the astral or energy body; and the Anna Maya Kosha or physical body.

Each of these three koshers can be subject to imbalances, which may express themselves in different ways. The science of Vaidya, Vedic healing, teaches that each of the koshas has its appropriate healing approach or substance, according to its nature. These are called mani, mantra and aushada. Or gems, sacred sound formulas, and herbal or mineral medicine, respectively appropriate for the transcendental body, the astral body and the physical body.

The Anna Maya Kosha is literally the sheath of food, and forms the gross, physical body. Its healing is undertaken through the application of aushada or medicines. These can take the form of herbs or minerals. And are applied through the traditional healing systems of Ayur Veda or Siddha.

The Vijnana Maya Kosha is called the sheath of consciousness, and can be identified with what in the West is sometimes called the astral or energy body. It acts as it were as a bridge or connection between the transcendental and the physical planes of existence. It is therefore connected with the power and functioning of the principle of mantra, or
sacred sound formula. The word mantra literally means ‘instrument of thought or mind’. In mantra three power principles are integrated or synthesized. These are sound, meter and meaning.

The Ananda Maya Kosha is translated as the sheath of bliss and forms the transcendental plane of existence. The higher self or super consciousness. It is most likely to be vulnerable to imbalances relating to the transcendental or divine plane. These express themselves through the influences of the planetary powers. And can be traced through the analyses of a person’s horoscope. Negative planetary influences have been traditionally subsided with the help of appropriate gemstones. Each planetary power has its fitting gemstone, according to color and crystal character.

All of space around us is filled with the waves of cosmic radiation. There are many different frequencies, and different wavelengths serve different functions. Some frequencies function as radio or television frequencies. But unless we have an antenna, receiver and amplifier, we cannot actually perceive the signals carried by the cosmic radiation. In the same way we are surrounded by many subtle cosmic radiations of the energy beings, which exist with us in this creation. Especially important for our existence and functioning on earth are the planetary powers, the rulers of the planets of our solar system. Each planetary power has its own appropriate color and gemstone. And through the analysis of a person’s horoscope it is possible to discover imbalances. And by wearing the fitting gemstone such imbalances can be subsided and reorganized.

Lord Surya, the Sun. This power is the source of all energy. He rules over the moral and higher mental expression of the individual. And represents courage, valor and royalty. The gemstone connected to this planetary power is the ruby. Wearing this stone can stimulate prosperity and popularity.

Lord Chandra, the Moon. This Lord rules over the personality. And over those personal traits which are expressed as emotions. Also over our mental state. Its gem is the pearl. It promotes prosperity and longevity.

Lord Mangala, Mars. This is a power with great energy and activity. It rules over agricultural propensity, animal nature and perseverance. Sometimes relates to violence. Its gem is the coral. It will promote prosperity, landed property, and willpower.

Lord Budha, Mercury. Rules over the intellect and higher reasoning power. This planet is further connected to scholarship, the power of speaking, tact and friendship. The emerald is its gemstone. It will give victory and brightness, and a clear mind.

Lord Guru, Jupiter. This Lord is the greatest benefic. He rules over high aspirations and idealism, knowledge and priesthood. Also over honor and diplomacy. The yellow or white topaz belongs to him. Wearing this stone will prevent disease, stimulate friendship, and give the wearer a clear mind. This stone directs the mind to genius. And can help to prevent bad dreams.

Lord Shukra, Venus. This planetary power is the ruler over art, especially music, and love and unions. Generally the enjoyment of life. Treasures. Its stone is the diamond. It stimulates attraction, prosperity, and longevity.

Lord Shani, Saturn. This is the stabilizing power. It makes people industrious and plodding. It relates to permanence, but also to deep mysteries. Its gem is the blue Safire. This stone can give the wearer a peaceful mind, knowledge and even wisdom.

Lord Rahu, the Dragon’s Head. This Lord has power over all practical purposes. And also over the highly developed intellect. The stone, which is appropriate for him, is the cat eye. It will promote a clear mind, strength and stability.

Lord Ketu, the Dragon’s Tail. He rules over spiritual life, and knowledge. The citrine is the appropriate stone. It will make for a pious life, relief from mental stress. Peaceful existence.

To know which gem a person should wear it is necessary that one’s horoscope is analyzed by an experienced Vedic astrologer. It is not a straightforward matter. We should not think that if we want more wealth, we should wear a ruby. It does not work that way. To decide which stone someone should wear it is necessary to know which planets are in weak or negative positions, and in which houses. This in relation to the other planets. It is a complicated matter. Sometimes I use my vision directly to decide which stone a person should wear, without referring to the horoscope.

Sometimes we invoke the planetary powers on all the nine stones through certain rituals, thus enhancing their power and function. For this purpose the gems are placed in a kind of yantra, each in its specific place. This yantra can later be made into several types of jewelry, like rings or pendants. It is also possible to heal certain physical and mental diseases through the setting of different combinations of stones in different metals. This shows the power of spirit over matter.

I conclude this short introduction into Vedic healing with the observation that this is without doubt one of the most complete methods of healing known to human kind. Whereas most healing systems address either the physical body alone, or the physical and the energy body together, Vedic healing addresses the problem of health imbalances and gaps on the three levels of the physical, the astral and the transcendental or spiritual. It can therefore truly be called a holistic path of healing.

~ Raja Deekshithar  

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