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Cymatics is the study of visible sound. Sound literally has geometry to it. You can see the visible geometrical vibrations of any given sound by placing sand or coated particles on to a metal plate, and then playing a frequency into the metal plate. The vibrations of the sound make the particles arrange themselves on the plate, sometimes in beautiful sacred geometric patterns and mandalas.

The video shows what happens when “Om” is chanted inside the Great Pyramid, and then the recording is played back on a tonoscope (the metal plate device) to measure the effects this ancient sacred sound has on visible matter. What you see will amaze you. The magic begins 1 minute in.

Why is it amazing that an elliptical shows up? Elliptical paths are the routes planets take as they orbit the stars, such as our sun. They do not revolve around the sun in perfect circles, but in oval-shaped elliptical paths just like you see in video. This is also the shaped of the orbits the sun and other stars take as they revolved around the galaxy. In other words, ellipticals appear to be the way in which celestial bodies respond to gravity, the force that holds everything together and makes life possible.

In ancient Hindu traditions, Om is believed to be the divine sound that was present at the beginning of the universe. The sound Om is thought to be what actually created all of existence, which isn’t actually too far fetched when you understand that everything physical in the universe is really a manifestation of vibrational waves. In fact, Om is what Dr. Eben Alexander claims to have heard resonate throughout the spirit realm during his near-death experience, specifically during his close encounter with the Source.

When we shift our vibration to a place of pure, positive energy, we project that “OM” frequency to everyone we encounter. If we collectively make that shift, just imagine the kind of world we could co-create?

Here’s a thought. What if the reason we see geometric patterns, symmetry, and fibonacci sequences in flowers, snowflakes, and the rest of nature is because they are somehow responding to a sound that is causing them to display perfect mathematical relations in their appearance? What if we are just dancing vibrational waves in God’s or Om’s symphony? Interesting to consider.

~ Spirit Science and Metaphysical
Video:  Stephen Halpren

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