Battle Between Virtues and Passions


Once there was a battle fought between Brahmins (virtues) and Kshatriyas (passions). Vaishyas and Shudras sided with the Brahmins in the war. Warriors on both the sides were equally skilled. But because of other Varnas joining them, Brahmins group had a large number compared to Kshatriyas and were sure they would win.

Surprisingly Kshatriyas were winning most of the battles. Again and again they defeated Brahmins (virtues). Finally Brahmins asked Kshatriyas how it was possible for them to defeat Brahmins despite them being more in number.

For that Kshatriyas said “We have appointed an intelligent and brave warrior as our commander, we act according to his directions. Thus we all act as one. But you are all divided, each of you acted according to your own wishes.”

Brahmins (virtues, soul qualities) appointed a brave and intelligent warrior as their leader, they fought with the Kshatriyas (passions, tendencies) again, very well organized this time, and won the war by uniting every solider under the leadership of an able and right leader.

Moral of the story: Passions will keep winning, until all virtues team up under wisdom and courage.

~ Udyoga Parva of Mahabharata

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