Should India be Called ‘Bharat’? Supreme Court Asks Centre, States


NEW DELHI:  Should India be called “Bharat”? Acting on a petition, the Supreme Court today asked for a response from the Centre and states.

A petition by Niranjan Bhatwal says that there is no historical evidence that the subcontinent was ever called India, or its people, Indians. “The Mughal rulers never called the subcontinent India. The term ‘India’ was derived during the British rule,” said the petition.

The petition says that BR Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian constitution, extensively debated the issue in the Constituent Assembly, while framing the constitution.

The outcome of those debates remained vague, the petition says.

The petition also cites Article 1 of the Constitution, which says: “India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.”

The subject has come up in the Supreme Court weeks after the ruling BJP, in a resolution on foreign policy during its conclave in Bengaluru, repeatedly referred to India as “Bharat”.


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  • Please make this a reality! Bharat or rather Bhaarat should be the name of our country….

    If possible, please start a signature campaign for this…. I will publicize to my utmost capacity!

  • I always found the name ‘India’ not meaningful at all for our country. Definitely, Bharat is the appropriate name.

  • I think this question should have been addressed and resolved at the time of India’s independence, no question…it is BHARAT.

  • Bhart means bhar rat that Earth. Also kingdom of great brave king Bharat the son of Shakuntala.
    But today our identity is the only country where Hinduism still exists, hence it should be named as Hindustan.

  • India is Good but I do not mind if it is renamed as Bharat. But the fact is that even if it is renamed as Bharat it would be called as India by large.

  • Very nice
    Bhaarath is ok
    With minor changes like also ok
    But ‘India’ Symbol of”Gulaami’ of Brits not Ok

  • Our National Anthem starts by stating our country as Bharath (not India) and lists out the various regions as well as the prominent rivers in the ancient land of Bharathvarsa. So, the name India is not in consonance with our National Anthem as well as our national identity. The etymology of Bharath is a combination of two words in Sanskrit — where BHA stands for knowledge and Rath means to relish. In other words, Bharath is the nation where the people lived to relish knowledge (as opposed to materialistic pursuits & invasion of others’ territories). The renaming of India (as called by the British) will give a new identity to our ancient civilization and the values which our nation cherishes from time immemorial.

  • We must support this movement. BHARAT is the name of this country and not India. Europeans started this, they could not spell Bharat, so they started India based on the river Indus.

  • What a futile cause to rally for! What real change will this bring about to the situation in India? The name India came from the name of river Indus. A name is a name. Bharat is just as arbitrary a name as India. The only difference will be, if the name change ever happens, it would be ‘Bharat’ that has more infant deaths, and more poor people than sub Saharan Africa. It would be Bharatiyans that have a whopping 30% illiteracy rate. And then would you be so proud to be called a Bharatiyan, or to say you’re from Bharat? Get some perspective!

  • And while we are at returning India to the fabled good-time in the past, why don’t we also get rid of those pants and go back to wearing loin clothes? Make women sit at home playing the role of a loyal domestic servant. Why not start writing on palm leaves, and live in caves? Hey, that’s what the sages did! Legalize polygamy? Change the school system? Get rid of English, the restaurants, road system, airlines, internet? Now, that would be something interesting!

    • Arun–Whats wrong in Bharat??? Why r u acting so stupid?what all things r u comparing??Real change will happen only if every individual takes up the challenge and responsibility and ownership. I don’t know what changes will happen if the name is changed–but what is wrong in Bharat or hindusthan?? So stop comparing.
      If we can have bay of Bengal and Indian ocean than why not country Bharat?? an no one is rallying here–its a good feel factor.
      YES if ppl love wearing loin clothes–so let it be–as long as it is not harming anything else
      yes –if woman love to sit at home and become homemaker–so let it be if there is no objection and if they love it and I strongly feel that no one can become a better homemaker than any female, because it requires a lot of patience and it is not a easy task–and PLSSSS stop using the word loyal domestic servant, by saying that u r hurting the dignity of everyone–so mind your language.,
      Yes –if required and if it is possible and if we don’t have any alternative then let everyone write on leaves–save paper save ecosystem.
      Yes–leave in caves–if required–again concept of green house.
      change the school system–yes let us learn sanskrit–whats wrong in that if required.



  • India is our countries name that can be used for identity like our Names. First foreigners started calling like that Our urge to become a modern Nation might be the reason to choose that Name. Like how we are using English as our Official Language. Bharat is Mother Land’s name for her each of us are her children and Is there any partiality between a Modern Child and Poor child. we use the Name Bharat to take care of the poor child and India to Identify our Nation among the modern world.

  • This is really a wise decision, if implemented; which is long over due.The name of our country should should be Bharat.

  • It is already there in Article one of the Constitution of India. Sikular mindset says if address ‘Bharat’ the you are not progressive and probably belong to Hindutwa brigade. Big deal!

  • Bharat is the original name of our country, even in our constitution, in the national pledge, national anthem, Bharat is the name of our country. Bharat only is the name of our country.

  • Waaaw .. Yes BHARAT would be an awesome name for our country .. we should remember & merge with our heritage proudly.. Yes I vote for the name change. BHARAT should replace India.

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