Kumbh 2016: Railways to operate 78 special trains for Kumbh mela

Railways to operate 78 special trains for Kumbh

Indore: Western railways on Wednesday announced the schedule of 78 Simhastha special trains that would run from April 20 to April 30.

In an official release, railways announced that trains connecting stations like Ujjain, Nagda, Vikramnagar and Indore would run on all days at an interval of two to five hours. The trains would also stop at many small stations on the route. The average stopping time would be around two minutes.

Most of the new special trains would originate and terminate at Ujjain and Nagda junctions. A total of 14 trains would chug on Ujjain-Nagda route, 6 trains would run on Ujjain-Bhopal section while 5 trains would cater to passengers travelling on Indore-Vikramnagar line.

People going to Ujjain from Indore would have to get down at Vikramnagar station. The first train from Indore would start at 12.10am and reach Vikramnagar at 2.25am. The first train from Vikramnagar would depart at 02.45am and reach Indore at 5.55am. The last trains would leave Indore at 4.55pm and Vikramnagar at 7.55pm, respectively. Trains would also stop at 6 stations, including Laxmibai Nagar and Devas.

The first train on Ratlam-Nagda would run at 12.40am from Ratlam and 12.40am from Nagda. The last train would run at 5.15pm from Ratlam and 9.55pm from Nagda. The train would stop at four stations between Ratlam and Nagda. On Ujjain-Bhopal route, the first train would leave Ujjain at 12.05pm and at 12.40pm from Bhopal. The last train would start from Ujjain at 8.40 pm and at 3.40pm from Bhopal. The train on this line would stop at 20 stations, including Bairagarh, Sehore, Shujalpur, Maksi and Tajpur.

Railways had earlier announced that it would run 100 special trains during the mega event. However, schedule of only 78 trains has been declared. Spokesperson of western railways said, “We have announced schedule only for 10 days now. If the rush increases, we would run more trains.”

All trains would have unreserved coaches. Railways had earlier announced it would add extra coaches to 20 trains that mostly connect Indore, Ujjain, Nagda and Bhopal. A total of 90 coaches would be added to the trains with most of them being unreserved.

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