Faith in Narendra Modi govt high, but Sangh hotheads a concern: Survey

Faith in Narendra Modi govt high, but Sangh hotheads a concern: survey

NEW DELHI: It’s been seven months and five days since Narendra Modi was sworn in as India’s 15th Prime Minister, and he clearly retains the confidence and goodwill of the metropolitan middle class. His government is viewed by a majority of people in eight biggest cities to have done a good job so far and is expected to continue to do well.

However, there are strong apprehensions about Sangh Parivar hotheads derailing the development agenda. And development is viewed by the people as the key task for this government. Those are the big messages emerging from a survey conducted exclusively for TOI by IPSOS in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.

The survey showed that 28% of those polled felt the government had done a very good job so far and another 47% felt its performance was good, the two approval figures adding up to three-quarters of respondents. As against this a mere 4% said the government had performed poorly, while the remaining 21% viewed it as so-so.

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