Butchers jail for illegally slaughtering cows in Gujarat

jail for illegally slaughtering cows in Gujarat
jail for illegally slaughtering cows in Gujarat


It is perhaps for the first time that butchers are given jail term by court for slaughter of cows.

PSI Sarvaiya raided illegal slaughter house in Gadar area and rescued 72 cattle including 32 calves. Police had filed case against 22 butchers and chargesheeted them in 2005.

A court in Mangrol this week gave three years imprisonment and Rs. 2500 fine to 22 convicts under IPS section 295(K), 429, 109, 114, and Animals cruelty act 11(D), BP act 119. Six convicts were dead during trial. The court of judge Agrawal has permitted 16 convicts to approach higher court till 30th of May.

A list of convicts

  1. Suleman Mahida alias Khataro
  2. Ibrahim Hussain Popat
  3. Harun Musa Patlawala
  4. Hanif Patel alias Gando
  5. Suleman Musa Kala alias Langdo
  6. Amad Hussain Dhameria alias Thandak
  7. Amad
  8. Harun Musa Haji
  9. Yusuf Umar Chhabu
  10. Faruq Amadbhbha
  11. Amad Hussain Halani
  12. Harun Amadbhabha alias Mamji
  13. Hanif Hussain Hallani,
  14. Ibrahim Ahmed Kalvat alias Vaghvo
  15. Musa Hasam Bhabha alias Mamji
  16. Muhammad Musa Hajiba
  17. Kasam Musa Hajiba
  18. Sulaiman Hussain Bobda alias Fodlo
  19. Yusuf Musa Hajiba
  20. Abdul Muhammad Mahida alias Khataro
  21. Yusuf Muhammad Hakim Patel
  22. Adam Ibrahim Kabal

Those six who died during trial

  1. Kasam Musa Hajiba
  2. Sulaiman Hussain Bobda alias Fodlo
  3. Yusuf Musa Hajiba
  4. Abdul Muhammad Mahida alias Khataro
  5. Yusuf Muhammad Hakim Patel
  6. Adam Ibrahim Kabal

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