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The RIGHT Role models for our future generation


A Bangalore based human resource organization’s survey found that former president APJ Abdul Kalam topped the list of most-admired people among the college-goers.

When asked what made Dr. Kalam the ideal role model, the reply was that they were impressed by certain admirable traits — hard work, commitment, humility, generosity and modesty. Some said they admired him for his ‘low living and high thinking’. Many youngsters listed his positive attitude as admirable, while others said that his rise from poverty to the office of president was extremely impressive.

For me, Dr. Kalam has to be one of the most influential personalities of modern India and truly an inspiration for our younger generation.  The emotions and thoughts behind this video could not have portrayed these sentiments any better.

As we have always stated, investing in our youth for a better future is a step in the right direction as EDUCATION is the ONLY KEY against insanity that has a potential for growth and development of the country!

Please share your story with us today on how you have made a difference in your country & society and inspire others to make a change for the better…

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