Tolerance about usage/misuse of Hindu Gods Images

Tolerance or Offensive

Do you think people overreacted? Or was the swimwear/shoes insensitive?  Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage. So a lot of people were none too happy to see her image splashed across a cut-out bathing suit designed by Lisa Blue in Australia. “Lakshmi was meant to be worshiped in temples or home shrines and not for pushing swimwear in fashion shows for mercantile greed of an apparel company,” Lisa Blue released an apologize on Facebook and in media.

Another recent case is where Converse designed and later recalled Axis Bold because they offended members of the Hindu faith. The display of Hindu deities on the feet is obviously offensive. Do you think it is okay to be insensitive or abusive towards a faith/religion by designing these so called “FASHIONABLE” apparels to be “HIP” in the first place?


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  • These are all insults and wanton disrespect to Hinduism.Why can’t they use christian symbols instead,that too in a christian majority country like Austrslia.
    Hindus have every right to protest. May they succeed.

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