Navgraha Stuti

One of the most important historians, astronomers and philosophers of the Dwapara Yuga, Veda Vyasa was the compiler of the Vedas. In the 3rd millennium B.C., he organized the verses of the ancient Vedic sages into their present form and is the symbol of the student teacher lineage (guru-shishya parampara) of all those who study Vedic Sciences.
He is responsible for classifying the four Vedas and wrote the 18 Puranas.

जपाकुसुमसंकाशं काश्र्यपेयं महाद्युतिम् । 
तमोरिं सर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतोsस्ति दिवाकरम् ॥१॥

I pay homage to the Sun, the bright shining One, the maker of the day, enemy of darkness, destroyer of evils, resembling a Chinese rose, descendent of Kashyapa. [1]

दधिशङ्‍कतुषाराभं क्षीरोदार्णवसम्भवम् ।
नमामि शशिनं सोमं शम्भोर्मुकुटभूषणम् ॥२॥

I pay homage to the Moon, Soma, who serves as an ornament on Shiva’s crown, who was born from the ocean of milk and whose color is that of curd, conch, or snow. [2]

धरणीगर्भसंभूतं विद्युत्कान्तिसमप्रभम् ।
कुमारं शक्तिहस्तं तं मङ्गलं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥३॥

I pay homage to Mangala, the handsome youth with weapon in hand, born from mother earth, whose luster resembles the lightning in the sky. [3]

प्रियङ्गुकुलिकाश्र्यामं रूपेणाप्रतिमं बुधम् ।
सौम्यं सौम्यगुणोपेतं तं बुधं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥४॥

I pay homage to Budha, son of the Moon, resembling the dark green bud of the priyangu flower, unrivaled in beauty, of calm and collected disposition. [4]

देवानां च ऋषीणां च गुरूं काञ्चनसंनिभम् ।
बुद्धिभूतं त्रिलोकेशं तं नमामि बृहस्पतिम् ॥५॥

I pay homage to Brhaspati, the guru of gods and rishis, who shines with golden luster, the embodiment of cosmic intelligence, the guiding light of the three worlds. [5]

हिमकुन्दमृणालाभं दैत्यानां परमं गुरूम् ।
सर्वशास्त्रप्रवक्तरं भार्गवं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥६॥

I pay homage to Shukra, descendant of Bhrigu, the supreme guru of the demons, the greatest expounder of all shastras, whose complexion resembles the white lotus, the jasmine flower, or snow. [6]

निलाञ्जनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम् ।
छायामार्तणडसम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्र्वरम् ॥७॥

I pay homage to Shani, the slowmoving, son of the Sun, born from Chaya
and Martanda, Yama’s elder brother, who is of dark complexion like the blue eye ointment. [7]

अर्धकायं महावीर्यं चन्द्रादित्यविमर्दनम् ।
सिंहिकागर्भसम्भूतं तं राहुं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥८॥

I pay homage to Rahu, the half-bodied one, offspring of Simhika, possessing great strength, the sworn enemy of the Sun and Moon. [8]

पलाशपुष्पसंकाशं तारकाग्रहमस्तकम् ।
रौद्रं रौद्रात्मकं घोरं तं केतुं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥९॥

I pay homage to Ketu, one of the eleven Rudras, chief among planets and
stars, resembling the palasha flower, and of dreadful appearance. [9]

इति व्यासमुखोद् गीतं य: पठेत् सुसमाहित: ।
दिवा वा यदि वा रात्रौ विघ्नशान्तिर्भविष्यति ॥१०॥

Thus ends the hymn of praise to the nine planets, born from Vyasa’s mouth as assembled by him. For one who chants this hymn, whether by day or night, all obstructions will melt away. [10]

नानारीनृपाणां च भवेद्दु:स्वप्ननाशनम् ।
ऐश्वर्यमतुलं तेषामारोग्यं पुष्टिवर्धनम् ॥११॥

Whether for men, women, or kings, it brings them destruction of evil, unrivaled sovereignty, freedom from disease, and growth of strength. [11]

ग्रहनक्षत्रजा: पीडास्तस्कराग्नसमुद्भवा: ।
ता: सर्वा: प्रशमं यान्ति व्यासो ब्रूते न संशय: ॥१२॥

All afflictions born of the planets, stars, thieves, or fire will be removed. Vyasa tells us that there is no doubt about this. [12]

॥ इति व्यासविरचितं नवग्रहस्तोत्रं सम्पूर्णम् ॥


~ Composed by Sage Veda Vyasa
~ Artist:  Rattan Mohan Sharma


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    I adore this site. Enhances knowledge on our Hindu Sanskruti.

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    Would be nice to have the sanskrit (english transliteration) for these hymns, so we can follow the words and chant properly, for people who cannot read hindi

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    Where to find this in mp3 to download

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