Mount Kailash: the mountain no one can climb

Mount Kailash: the mountain no one can climb

It is the holiest mountain on Earth, Mount Kailash, a beautiful pyramid which stands alone in a remote corner of Tibet, a sacred place with much spiritual significance to followers of four of the great religions of Asia: the Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and the Bönpo.   

In 2001, Chinese authorities in Tibet gave permission for a Spanish expedition led by Jesús Martínez Novás to conquer the holy mountain but faced international disapproval.

This is not the first time the Chinese had tried to attract western mountaineers to climb Mount Kailash. In the mid 1980s, the Italian climber Reinhold Messner sought permission to walk around the peak, then heavily restricted by the Chinese. Walking around Kailash is a common practice among Buddhist devotees who believe that 108 circuits will lead the pilgrim to nirvana.

In his letter of permission Messner was formally told he could return the following year to climb the mountain: “Of course I refused. It would not have been intelligent to do otherwise.”

Messner also said, “If we conquer this mountain, then we conquer something in people’s souls … I would suggest they go and climb something a little harder. Kailash is not so high and not so hard”.

Migyur Dorje, the Dalai Lama’s representative in London, said: “Mount Kailash should not be made a sporting arena. It won’t just offend Buddhists, it will offend Hindus as well.”

Hindus believe Kailash, 6,714 metres high, to be the home of Shiva and, according to the Sanskrit tradition of Vishnu Purana, an earthly representation of Mt Sumeru, the cosmic mountain at the centre of the universe.

In the Jain religion, Kailash is called Astapada, and is known as the place where a man named Rishabha, the first Tirthankara, attained Liberation, called Moksha.

It was because of firm oppositions from the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain community leaders through a worldwide letter writing campaign in 2001, China banned all mountaineering activities to preserve the sanctity of the place.



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  • It is a fashion among the so called progressive Indians to denigrate anything associated with Hinduism and spirituality. When the western world has realized that Hindu scriptures are not just ordinary religious books., but a repertoire of the collective wisdom of Hindu sages and saints , the ordinary Indians have started taking interest in studying what Hinduism says and it is a welcome thing. Max Mueller came to convert Hindus under the instructions of missionaries of Germany and eventually said” Hinduism is such an evolved religions that we have nothing to teach them”. He is still considered one of the best commentators of many of our holy scriptures. Mount Kailash is unique and various people have experienced various types of spiritual experiences. The windows jutting into the Manasa Sarovar is closed by the Buddhist monastery on Full Moon nights and the people sleeping inside the monastery have heard various types of voices emanating from the lake. Divine Beings are supposed to descent to have their baths. The cattle grazers who are around the Manasa Sarovar are induced to sleep and they tend to get up very late in the morning. These are things still happening. These so called intellectuals (like Romila Thapar who is saying that the Muslim invaders did not destroy any temples though the ruins are still visible) should understand that we are just mortals on this Holy Land and with our very very limited knowledge and insight, we should not try to evaluate the oldest religion Hinduism.

  • Romila Thaper is the destroyer of all that is sacred to the Hindus.She is the one who has distorted the Indian History & claiming that muslim invaders never destroyed any Hindu temples.It’s for the world to see the reality.Mahmud Gazni was perhaps her father in her previous birth.How she took birth in a hindu family is nature’s greatest mystery. People like her are the greatest curse to the hindus.She will certainly rot in hell for abusing her own motherland & religion,the curse of the millions of countrymen will not go waste.

  • Love the article! Probably in the near, I too will have the opportunity to do the parikrama at Mount Kailash…

    Peace and Love to all (including Romila Thaper!)

  • It’s already clear now that many non-Hindus have changed their names to exploit. Romila may be of the same category. …

  • There is a huge airport with a long run way at Hetian, 10,000 feet long? I doubt few foreigners are allowed to visit this place. The Google Earth link shows the airport.

  • Mount Kailas [Kailash] is a sacred mountain, where the Will of the Creator God appears. Further away, Khotan, [cotton?], Hotan, Hetian, and the Kunlun Mountain ranges. Near Khotan is the Karakoram Pass [not far West is Srinagar]. An ancient civilisation once existed in the Kunlun area. Are there many man-made pyramids in the area, near Kotan area?