Donate used car to charities in USA

Do you have a junk car that you want to get rid of?
Have you thought, “Maybe I should donate my car?”

Donate Car USA makes car donation fast and easy; just call or donate online with our easy pick-up form. Donate cars, trucks, vans, boats, planes, even lots and real estate and qualify for a car donation tax deduction. Choose a charity from more than 400 non-profit organizations.

Donate Car USA make it simple and hassle-free to donate a car! Your vehicle donation helps support a charity of your choice in their vital work. Your used car donation helps these car donation charities substantially increase their contributions to the public good. If you are thinking about donating a car to charity, please see our list of charities accepting car donations.

How car donations work

When you pledge your automobile donation, the Vehicle Donation Processing Center takes the donor information and handles all of the documents, car donation pick up, charity auction sale and distribution of the proceeds to the charity. We guarantee payment of all expenses with your car donations. Learn more about the Vehicle Donation Processing Center.

If you are ready to donate a car, call 800-269-6814

Charities Accepting Used Car Donations

Donate your Car to a Charity of your Choice

Find the right cause for your car donation. It is easy to find a charity that you want to support, whether that’s a charity benefiting a cause of your choice or one working in your community. If you would like assistance finding a nonprofit for your car donation don’t hesitate to call 800-269-6814 and speak to one of our highly experienced donation representatives.

For complete list of charities please click here:

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