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How “UNEDUCATED” of them!

In Kerala, when the laborers were working on a construction site, a tree stood in their way. Instead of cutting it down they dug a hole around the tree and pushed it aside with roots intact as you can see in the picture.

And they call them “UNEDUCATED”! We “educated” ones should learn a lesson from them as how to respect and conserve trees and mother nature.

This seems to be a normal practice in Kerala – what an inspirational act of sensibility this is…


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  • Don’t call them “UNEDUCATED”. Most Malayalees who are working in this field may be holding a “Digree” certificate.
    90% should be 10th Pass.

  • During my two yrs stay in India (Chennai) I learned, that it is rather difficult to get permission to cut a tree down, as each tree has its own responsible person – or group of persons with responsibillity for the tree’s welfare.

  • Education has got very little to do with it. Being considerate of all things living is a human characteristic. I agree that some societies have become more callous with time. Clearly these men form part of one that has not.

  • -Ha! Ha!. I was waiting for this. Every time when someone post a picture which do not agree with your opinion MUST BE PHOTOSHOP-ped. Way to go man!

  • Btw. Who called them uneducated? Other than this article I never called anyone referring to malayalees as uneducated, which is the first fully literate state in India. Is this article with an intention to insult malayalees?

  • I am from kerala. I was wondering when I saw this pic( before few years ) whether this is possible. I never saw this kind of act. I asked my father and he seemed to be casual about it. His response was what is new or big in this pic. My curiosity grew and asked him have u seen this before. He said we have performed this(he is a high school teacher yet he do agriculture in our land himself and live close to nature). Then I asked why I had no chance to see this. He answered nowadays who takes much care to do this ? It’s always easy to cut the tree. I really wish people take a little effort to save the trees as we used to

  • They know what they are doing. These ‘dug around trees with roots intact’ can be re-planted at another place.