Category - Vastu


Vastu in the 21st Century

Our ancient Vastu Shastra has been founded in such a way, that people can derive maximum benefits from sun-rays and the energies of the sun like heat light...


Vastu tips for wealth

Money is perhaps the most essential aspect in our lives. Financial constraints can bring a lot of stress and keep you in a state of bother. Vastu tips for...


Vastu and family growth

It is believed that vastu has a vital role in the birth of progeny. It is considered to not only resolve progeny related problems, but also help promote the...


Vastu for Pooja room

In the present times, Vastu Shastra is the most commonly used term, especially when it comes to purchasing or constructing a new home. To have a happy and...


Vastu Shastra and Directions

The East in Vastu Shastra
Indra is the lord of the East. He is a God of wealth. He is a Rajbhogh. He enjoys good positions and power. He enjoys all the eight...


Vastu Tips For Office Space

Vastu Shastra is a doctrine that is followed by a lot of people when it comes to the construction of houses and offices. This is one of the best ways through...

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